Do You Make These 7 Online Communication Mistakes?

Many a longlasting and fulfilling relationship has been set in motion after the couple were first introduced via an Internet matchmaking resource. More and more people are flooding to these platforms because of their integrity and convenience, and finding partners online is becoming one of the most popular pastimes.

But even if you’re setting out to connect with other singles by signing-up to a top online dating site there are certain ways of behaving that will seriously hamper your chances of success. If you recognise any of these online communication errors you must remedy them immediately.

Sloppy messages

One aspect of communicating in a virtual environment is your messages must be on-point at all times. When you are getting to know a potential partner better, it is important you come across as an interesting and trustworthy individual. To that end you should ensure your communications are succinct.  Just as if you were in a face-to-face situation, avoid excessive waffle and stick to conversation topics your companion will find interesting. The worst mistakes you can make in this situation are the obvious ones, such as making basic spelling errors that will only make you come across as lazy or stupid. When you are communicating with more than one person in a chat room, don’t ever use the wrong name.

Not being honest

Just because you are in an online dating situation is no reason to be economical with the truth. No one will be impressed by tall stories which are proved false by inconsistencies in the telling. Always remember, the object of  dating websites are that you will potentially meet face-to-face at some point. If you have been telling lies and embellishing aspects of your character, this is where it will all unravel.

Beng too flippant

A common mistake with messages is when they are used as jokey asides. When you’re getting to know a potential partner better, many people avoid the more serious issues and stick to banter. But this is precisely where you can get to know the real person at the end of your messages. To that end you should always be honest and forthright, and prepared to reveal something of yourself.

Not being assertive

Just because you are tapping your messages from behind the keyboard is no reason for slackness when it comes to integrity. If the person you are chatting to comes out with something you disagree with, have the courage to call them out. In the long run they will respect you for having exerted your character.

Not empathising

Although it can be difficult to establish a strong rapport when you are merely exchanging text messages to one another, you should have sufficient insight to recognise and react to someone sharing sensitive details. The worst thing you could do in this situation would be to gloss over anything. Always display your abilities to sympathise and empathise, even in stressful situations.

Not doing homework

Always check on a prospective partner’s personal details so you are sufficiently clued-up about their interests and convictions in order to conduct meaningful conversations with them. It will mean so much to them that you have taken the trouble to do this. This will also avoid the possibility of putting your foot in it because you haven’t paid attention to some detail which the person has mentioned.

Not keeping an open mind

In the world of online dating you are going to come across a diverse range of individuals. It is therefore imperative for you to be open and accepting at all times, and never judgemental.