Does Health Insurance Cover Car Accident Injuries?

The risk of an untoward incident while on the road cannot be eliminated. Sadly, around 150,000 individuals die each year in traffic accidents in India. This amounts to around 400 fatalities in a single day. Besides, the chances of injuries and hospitalization are high in an event of an accident. You may have to undergo hospitalization in case of serious injuries. Therefore, it becomes essential to take the necessary preventive measures to protect yourself against such untoward incidents.

An accident insurance policy is an ideal way to prepare yourself in case of a mishap. Insurance providers are liable to cover all expenses incurred because of your hospitalization, according to the terms and conditions of the policy.

A personal accident insurance policy, therefore, ensures that your life savings remain untouched irrespective of unforeseen accidents. You may, therefore, live your life without worrying about such possibilities.


Are accidents covered under basic health insurance plans?

Some individuals often worry whether their basic indemnity plan will cover car accident injuries. The following points place emphasis on accidental coverage in health insurance.

  1. Are car accidents covered?

Not all health insurance providers offer the benefit of accidental coverage along with your basic health insurance policy. It is, therefore, necessary to check this aspect while purchasing a health cover.

In case your insurance plan does not offer accidental coverage, you may opt for an add-on or buy a new standalone personal accident insurance policy. This will help you meet hospitalization-related expenses in case of an accident. Besides, such a plan offers coverage for accidental death as well as partial and permanent disability. You may also opt for additional riders such as Worldwide Emergency Assistance Services, accidental in-patient hospitalization, and temporary total disability. Opting for such riders provides enhanced coverage and reduces your financial liability to a great extent.

Some insurers provide an additional benefit of a wellness coach. These coaches help you in taking care of your health and overall well-being. They help you get back on your feet and offer suggestions and tips that help you make better choices that fit your lifestyle.

  1. Is there any upper limit on the expenses incurred?

Insurance providers that offer accidental coverage by default often place a ceiling on the amount that you may claim for different medical services. This means that there will be an upper limit on the costs incurred towards doctor’s charges, room rent, or ambulance charges, among others. In case this amount is not sufficient to cover your needs, you may consider buying a standalone accident insurance policy that comes with a higher cover.

  1. What is the premium cost?

In case you wish to enjoy accidental coverage under your basic health insurance policy, you may have to pay a higher premium. Alternatively, you may compare various standalone personal accident plans in the market and choose the one that offers maximum benefits at the most affordable rate. You may also consider buying an online accident insurance policy. Online plans offer a high degree of convenience, as you may purchase the policy with a mere click of the mouse in the comfort of your home. Besides, insurance providers offer competitive rates due to the reduced cost of paperwork.

Road accidents are often stressful and cause a great deal of emotional and physical trauma. Moreover, you may be financially burdened with hefty medical bills. The best way to avoid such a situation is by investing in a standalone accident insurance policy or by opting for an accidental rider along with your basic indemnity plan. By doing so, you may mitigate the risk and enjoy peace of mind at all times.