Easy Ways To Add A Pop Of Color To Your Kitchen Without Much Fuss

Tired of your dull and boring kitchen? Need your kitchen to be fascinating and inspiring when you cook your favorite recipe? Just adding a dash of color would brighten up your kitchen and give that renovated magic look.  The kitchen is not a place just for cooking but a place where all the action of our home takes place. We all love to gather in our kitchen on a relaxed holiday morning to prepare breakfast together. Therefore, the kitchen, aptly called as the heart of our home deserves a burst of color, vibrancy, texture and what not

Gone are the days when people painted their homes, especially kitchen in a neutral shade.  People try to bring in a dash of color in their lives every possible way. So, let us try these practical ways of creating hue-inspired kitchens.

1.The Accent walls

Try painting the accent wall in a vibrant color. You need to accent the wall that has some eye-catching decors or some architectural features like an arch or a slope. It can actually accentuate the architectural details in the room. The accent wall when painted in a bold color gives a magical touch to the kitchen. You can also consider decorating the fifth wall of the room. The ceilings, often a neglected part of a room can be a showstopper of your kitchen when decorated properly.

  1. Add color with kitchen linen

If you don’t entertain the idea of painting an entire wall in a bright color, why not make your kitchen colorful just by using bright colored upholstery, kitchen rug or a window treatment. A window blind can give a classy look but be choosy about the one you hang over the window that is in proximity to the sink.  A roman shade will be a smarter option which can be pulled up while you are cleaning your vessels.

A cozy carpet in your kitchen could be soothing to your eye as well as your feet. Choose your carpet in such a way that it blends with the style of your kitchen. Kitchens do have a lot of ‘sharp edges’ that might be dangerous, especially if you have kids. Introducing fabric will soften up the spot and bring in color to your kitchen.

3.Color your cabinets

The cabinets occupy a majority of space of your kitchen. So, don’t let it be in usual cream or white color. Try painting your cabinets in bright hues. If you have shelving unit for holding utensils and kitchen linens, try coloring the back of the unit with wallpapers for a lively look. Remember brightly colored cabinets take your kitchen to daring heights. They will definitely be a very beautiful backdrop for all your kitchen accessories.

4.Infuse color in strategic spots

Add a pop of color in strategic spots of your kitchen like the overhead light fittings and countertop accessories. A properly illuminated kitchen will give that finished look. Why not opt for brightly colored pendant lamps to get a picturesque look to your kitchen space? If you have a dine-in kitchen, then you can try having colorful chairs.

5.Indoor plants

Having small tiny plants would not only bring in color to your kitchen, but also freshen up the space. You will get a sense of satisfaction when you nurture them and watch them grow. Don’t you think herbs will be the best option to grow in a kitchen? You can just add some fresh mint leaves when you prepare your favorite mint tea. When you have a compact kitchen space you can go in for hanging plants.

6.Transform your counter topper

Instead of renovating the entire kitchen, you can just rework the island topper with a bold color of your choice and style. This would change the look of your kitchen dramatically and make it an eye-popping space.

7.Replace your hardware

Door knobs and pulls are not usually considered when we are renovating our kitchen. But believe me, though they are small in size they will definitely contribute to that aesthetic look of your room.

8.Colorful dishes and accessories

If you have an open cabinet try showcasing your colorful plates, mugs and serving dishes. If you have closed cabinets, replace the existing old-fashioned doors with glass paneled doors. Why not consider removing one or more of your cabinet doors if you have a closed one? You will not regret your decision when you witness how your colorful accessories have “spiced up” the kitchen.

  1. Color with tiles

It is not necessary that you need to color everything between the floor and ceiling for your kitchen space to be colorful. A splash of color on the walls around the oven or backsplashes will do the magic to your kitchen. A striking kitchen backsplash can energize your kitchen space. Textured wall tiles, when used as a splash back, have the capability to transform the look and feel of your kitchen in a dramatic way. Wall cladding tiles contribute to the artistic look of your cooking area. They come in various patterns including glossy and satin finish which accentuates the beauty of the room.

  1. Wall Panels

Modern wall panels make your kitchen stylish and welcoming. Another advantage of having panels is not only they give an amazing look to your kitchen, but also very easy to clean. Of course, kitchen is the room which is prone to get clumsy and dirty very easily. Indeed, it is required that they should be easily cleanable. It is worth investing in wall panels for your kitchen that will accentuate the beauty of your kitchen.

Decorative wall panels are also one of the best choices one could make for the cladding walls and ceilings of the kitchen. In spite of being completely water resistant, their decorative patterns make it a fascinating choice. There are plenty of patterns available right from high glossy panels to panels that render a fantasy effect.

No matter of what your color preference, you have a plethora of options for you to get inspired to create that colorful stunning kitchen. So practice these simple methods that suit your taste to induce color into your kitchen and transform into a charming place where you would love to cook at.