Eco-Tourism: The Holiday Experience Everyone Needs

When it comes to going on holiday, sometimes we just want somewhere a little bit different. If you’re tired of the package holidays, or long weekends on boozy resorts, maybe go out on a limb and try something like an eco-holiday.

Over the last few years eco-tourism holidays have boomed, with people now jetting across the globe to see places not known for their extravagant shopping malls and indoor ski slopes, but their stunning natural surroundings and extensive history.

What is Eco-Tourism?

Well, as we mentioned, it’s where people are jetting off on holidays to see more natural beauty than before. But it’s much more than just this.

Eco-tourism, as defined by an expert is when ‘people want to do what they can whilst exploring the world’, which has been born out of more education about what we’re doing to the planet that we live on.

With that in mind, we’ve highlighted four amazing places to visit if you want to break away from the norm and head on an eco-holiday.

Sri Lanka

Covered in absolute beauty, you’ll be able to enjoy long walks on unspoilt beaches, lounge under swaying palms and gaze upon wondrous animals. With a rainforest canopy all around you, take a look at elephants in their natural habitat and visit the Yala National Park, where wild leopards dart around. A protected area, this 130,000-hectare park on the Indian Ocean is one of the most magical in the world.


When you think of India, you probably think of the hustle and bustle of one of the busiest places on earth. But, when it comes to Goa, you couldn’t be further from this image. A stunning beach destination, you’ll be surrounded by idyllic and peaceful serenity. Five major rivers run through here, and each one has their source sitting in the biodiversity of the Sayadri Hills. You’ll also find the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, filled with beautiful wildlife for you to observe and marvel at.

Costa Rica

Although it may be the one country most associated with eco-tourism, there’s a reason for that. With its natural well-protected beauty being some of the most stunning the world has to offer, adventuring to this country will fill you with wonder and amazement. One-fourth rainforest, you’ll find coastlines on the Caribbean and Pacific coast, volcanoes and pristine beaches all sitting side by side. The world breath-taking was made to describe this very destination.


Crowned the first ever Natural World Heritage Site 40 years ago, these islands are teaming with stunning natural beauty that needs to be seen to be believed. To ensure that the islands remain unscathed by too much human interaction, there’s a Directorate of the Galapagos Nation Park, which implements a management system for visitors. With that in mind, maybe it’s time to book your trip sooner rather than later, and explore the stunning animals and geologically unique landscape.

In a world filled with stunning natural beauty, these four destinations are only the start when it comes to eco-tourism. So, why wait around? Get planning and see the natural world and everything it has to offer while you still can.