Everything You Need to Know About the Facebook’s F8, the Annual Developer Conference 2017

facebook F8 event

Facebook’s annual developer conference, widely popular by the name F8, held in San Jose, CA on 18th  and 19th April 2017.

Every year, the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg joins the developers in an annual conference and event to talk about the developments which they will undertake in the upcoming year.

The key highlights of F8’ 2017 were announcements related to augmented reality developments, a bunch of camera effects and the updates related to chat-bots.

Facebook F8 – What is it?
F8 being an annual event on Facebook is attended by many developers and stakeholders of Facebook to discuss about plans for the key initiatives and other updates related to the social network, Facebook Messenger and other products owned by the social media giant including Oculus, WhatsApp, Instagram and much more.

F8’ 2017 – The Key Highlights

Facebook Messenger

Chat bots are offered by the Facebook’s messenger service to the developers. But, its quite difficult to find and use the different available bots. This year, however, Facebook is planning to introduce a new discover tab which can be accessed from the home screen, and which will allow you to search the bots  on the basis of different categories.

Also, Facebook is planning to add the new chat extensions to the Messenger which will allow more than one person to interact with the different third party apps in a single threat simultaneously.

Another Messenger update includes the launch of an AI powered Assistant “M” which would be able to place the orders through Delivery.com.

Augmented Reality

The social network will this year focus on building the new AR based camera effects for Facebook. It will enable the developers to do so in a closed beta environment.

Soon, dozens of AR camera effects such as Snapchat like frames and masks will be available for your camera through the Facebook’s main app.

Also, the AR platform of Facebook would eventually enable you to leave the virtual notes for the friends in a restaurant at a specific table.

Facebook Spaces

Facebook owns Oculus VR, the Virtual Reality Firm, and last year Mark Zuckerberg outlined that how Facebook wants make VR the future of interactions in the social network. This year, they lifted the cover from “Facebook Spaces” a VR app that enables you to create your virtual Avatar and spend time with your friends. It is, at present, available in Beta.

Avatar would be created on the basis of your pictures, but you would be able to customize it.

Check out the video :


Facebook Workplace

Facebook Workplace is a Slack-like tea collaboration software offered by the social network. Now, it would be available for free as the standard version, and its paid version would be named as the “Premium” version.

The standard version, which is being tested these days, would be rolled out soon.

Offline Instagram

In the F8’ 2017, the offline support for Instagram was announced for the Android devices. While you may not be able to view updates on Instagram posts without internet connection, but, any post which has been previously loaded on the site when the Wi-Fi or data connection was available would be available for offline viewing.