Flying cars are soon going to be a reality


Yes, the Flying Cars could be a reality by 2018 – 2010!!

Well, it is hard to believe that one thing which used to be a fantasy for many of us is soon going to be a reality.

Recently the Flying cars made a lot of headlines, as Uber announced that it is going to introduce the Flying cars in New York within the next 5 years. Not only Uber, but many other companies are also building the flying cars. KittyHawk, a startup which is partly funded by Larry Page, the founder of Google also released a footage of a flying car.

Dubai, the world’s shopping capital has also announced to start a flying car service in the city by 2020. There are several other companies which are working on the concept of flying cars, and are soon going to launch them for the people.

As so many companies are working on this astounding concept, we can expect the cars flying in the sky in next 4 – 5 years.

Flying Cars Would Be Similar To Battery Powered Helicopters

As per many experts, these flying cars are nothing, but, simply the modernised and light battery powered helicopters.

The video footage released by the Larry Page, which exhibits the KittyHawk’s “Flying Car” seems like a supersized recreational drone with a person perched on its top.

Also, these companies would have to overcome numerous hurdles to make the flying cars a mainstream consumer vehicle.

Public Safety

Flying cars, the large, battery-powered, heavy vehicles with the fast spinning blades moving across the urban landscapes sounds more like a bad idea. What if they break down, crash, run out of fuel or get stuck into trees, crash into buildings or collide with each other.

Even the biggest technology optimists are sceptical about the success and safety of the flying cars.

As per the developers of the KittyHawk, the people without a pilot’s license would only be allowed to fly over water, and in the lightly populated areas. The other car manufacturers are also stressing over the fact that people would have to grab the pilot’s license to be able to fly the flying cars, but, this certainly does not guarantee’s complete safety.

High Cost

Another vital factor that needs to be considered in relation to the flying cars is that they are not going to be very cheap or affordable. One would have to pay up to 1.5 million Euros to get a flying car for himself/herself.