Get Some Knowledge about Pressure Washing Machine

Though we can divide pressure washer in many ways basically it’s of two types, one is electric powered and the other is gas powered. There are other divisions as well based on its usage, they are residential and commercial pressure washer. Water is supplied into the pump of the machine from a source and with the help of a motor it sends the water through a spray gun with an increased pressure.

There are certain things that you should know before you go to buy this device. These pressure washer will definitely help you in clearing your confusion and take a decision. We tried to put the important technical information so that you find your best machine. We do in-depth research on pressure washer and its’ review and user guides through lots of website. is going to help you with all the detailed information for a new user and old user to find a good product, its’ using methods and other tips that will really help your cleaning jobs.

PSI (Pounds per Square Inch)

The ability of a pressure washer is measured by the water pressure it provides through the spray gun. PSI (Pounds per Square Inch) is the measurement unit for measuring the water pressure of a machine. Higher the PSI more the water pressure the device provides. Based on your need of cleaning work you have to decide how much power you need. Don’t just go for an extremely powerful device as it can harm the surface that you clean. A powerful machine is not good for a delicate surface. But when you need to do the heavy duty cleaning the powerful you will need the powerful engine. At first you must decide your working sphere and then choose a pressure washer.

GPM (Gallon Per Minute)

GPM is another important measurement unit. This measurement shows that how much water flow you will get from the device. The combination of water flow or water pressure should be matched in order to get a good cleaning. If the water flow is comparatively less, cleaning will not be properly done. Try to choose the device that has higher GPM rate for proper water flow.

TSS (Total Stop System)

TSS is an excellent feature that you will get only in the electric pressure washers. With this feature you can do your work without taking any tension. The feature stops the motor engine when your trigger is not engaged. This feature is good for your engine as it can take rest when you are not using it. It increases the life of your pump and prevents fatigue.

Different Nozzle Tips

There are different kinds of nozzle tips for providing different water pressure and flow. The different nozzle tips start from 0-degree pencil point jet to 65-degree wide spray fan. The other nozzle tips are 15-degree, 25-degree, 40-degree and soap applicator nozzle tip for applying detergent. According to your different needs you should use your nozzle tips. You must keep in mind that not all the devices provide all types of nozzles. You can buy spare nozzles from the market.

Hot Water and Cold Water

Some of the machines use hot water and some use cold water, cold water pressure washer being in the leading position. With the hot water device you can easily clean the oil and grease stains but these kinds of machines have less longevity. Cold water machines work find for all types of surfaces and they last longer.

Though there are many other things to know about a pressure washing machine the above are the most important. Try to consider these things when you go to buy a machine. A perfect machine is always good for a perfect cleaning. They also help you reduce the possible fatigues. If possible talk to some professional pressure washer users directly who can make you understand the things better.