Guess Who’s Coming Back: Nokia 3310, the most loved Nokia Phone

nokia-3310-coming back

One of the most loved phones in the early 2000s, the Nokia 3310, is all set to come back, and that too with a bang.

If you are wondering that in today’s era of smartphones, what the Nokia 3310 would do? Well, it’s going to have a complete makeover with all new features, processor, screen, but, its design would be quite similar to the earlier one.

Nokia 3310, in the early 2000s ruled the market and had the reputation of the hardest phone at that time. Launched in 2000, Nokia sold a lot 3310 phones across the globe.

Nokia 3310 Ready For A Come Back After 17 Years

Nokia is planning to relaunch its star phone of 2000s in the upcoming MWC conference going to take place in Barcelona.

Though the Nokia had stopped the manufacturing of this phone years back, but, owing to its robustness and other features, the fans still have an incredible fondness for Nokia 3310.

It is going to be a high-endurance feature phone in the world of exceptionally smart phones, but, many experts believe that it will have its own market. There are many people across the continents who look for smart phones which are not too smart for them, instead, are easy to handle, need to be charged once a week or even lesser, possess the Android’s support and a few vital features one wants in a smart phone. So, Nokia’s decision to relaunch 3310 is certainly going to please one section of the audience.

New Features That Nokia 3310 Will Boast

Reportedly, the handset will cost 59 Euros, and would be marketed as a sturdy phone with very long battery life in a nearly-indestructible form factor. The phone would be sold through the online third-party channels including eBay, Marketplace and eBay.

Along with the Nokia 3310, three other smartphones would also be launched by Nokia. These new phones, Nokia 3, 5 and 6 will be powered by Android 7.0, and their price would range from 100 Euros – 250 Euros.

However, one of the vital points worth noting is that these new phones which are sold under the Nokia marque aren’t actually being manufactured by the company which originally delivered the phones like N-Gage, N95 and 3310. Rather, the rights to the name were purchased by a little known Finnish firm, HMD Global in one of the deals which completed in December’ 2016.

The Nokia 3310 would be powered by Android and its most attractive point would be its astoundingly long battery life.