A Guide on Different Types of Headphones


Back were the days when it was hard to choose the headphones from so many good bands available in the market. But now the brand is not the major issues, instead, the type of headphones is a major issue.

We have different headphones for the gym, a different set for people with small and large ears. Then we have headphones equipped with RF technology specially designed to use as TV Headphones and also headphones manufactured especially for the audiophiles engaged in music production.

Today here we are going to discuss all the types of headphones available in the market, both in terms of design and the technology they come with.

On-Ear Headphones:

These types of headphones sit on the ears, instead of inserting in o covering the ear as a whole. As compared to in-ear ear buds or over the ear headphones, these headphones lack some major features as sound isolation and Noise cancellation. These are popular with people who don’t like in-ear headphones but they don’t want to be completely isolated either.

Over the Ear Headphones:

Over the ear headphones are comparatively larger in size and cover the ears completely, isolating the surrounding sounds. These are the most preferred headphones these days due to the noise cancellation and deep bass feature they come with.

Wired and wireless Headphones:

Wired and Wireless headphones don not have any major difference between them expect one comes with Bluetooth/NFC technology and other comes with a wired cable. Most of the wireless headphones do come with a wired cable to make it wired at any instance.

We have tried many wireless headphones via plugging in cable they come with and there is no difference in the sound quality they offer in both the modes.

Sports Oriented Headphones

Excellent for those wanting to wear headphones during activity such a running work a workout. The generally come as in-ear headphones with special clips or a design specifically intended to remain in place while not putting too much pressure on the ear at the same time. Those fitting this description include brands such as  YurBuds although there are a number of brands offering sports headphones in the market.

Open Back and Closed Back Headphones

Open-back headphones are not different in size but are different in design. They come with grill design at the back which makes it easy for the sound to pass through it.

None of them has a disadvantage over one other. As open back are specially designed for the music persons, the features usually help them in music production.

Closed back headphones, however, perform better when it comes to sound isolation or noise-cancellation due to their all covered design.

These were the most popular types of headphones available in the market. If we missed out something then let me know in comments below.