How to Choose and Use a Drone Kit

Drones have become so popular these days that you have to get one for yourself if you have not got your hand on it yet. Drones are also known as UAVs or Unmanned aerial vehicles. You can get one easily from online stores, which are full of it.

There is a wide range of drones available today and you can get them in any price-range that best suits you. You might have seen drones in the market starting from less than $15 or more than $500 or higher in range. So, what’s the difference? The range totally depends on the speed and camera quality of these drones.

You can buy a complete drone kit at once or can purchase them in separate parts such as frame, transmitter, or battery. You would get them in separate pieces and can easily assemble them at home.

If you are a beginner, then you might want to its uses and how you can choose one out of so many categories as well as varieties. It is obviously going to be a tough decision for you. We can help you out to get through this!

How to choose a perfect drone

It is not easy to get your hands on a perfect drone. Before buying one, you have to decide certain things beforehand such as its use, camera quality, and speed at what you want it to fly. There are basically two types of drones available today, which are racing drones and aerial photography drones.

Racing drones are for those who want to use them for racing purposes and more suitable for speed-conscious buyers. While the photography ones are for professional photographers who want to use them in order to get a better video quality from the upper view. Know them in detail.

Racing drones

If you want a drone for the racing purpose, then obviously go for these types of drones. These drones are also known as freestyle drones. In racing drones, the speed matters the most. For more efficiency, go for a drone kit that includes a light-weighted and small racing frame, a motor with high KV, and a controller.

The frame of this drone needs to be durable as well as light in weight because there are high chances that it will get crash more often. On the other hand, the battery should be of high KV value as it stands for rounds per volt. The more KV value means the better performance. Try to get one with more than 2000 KV power.

If you want a professional racing drone, go for drones with First Person View (FPR) equipment that comes with a signal transmitter and a camera.

Photography drones

If you are a professional photographer, then it is kind of necessary to have this drone. It is quite difficult to choose these drones than the racing ones. A bigger frame is much needed in the drones for starters. You can go for hexacopter or octocopter frame for a better performance.

In these drones, you need to have a lower KV value as opposed to the racing drones. The lower value ensures more stability and safe lifting of the drone with other equipment. Try to get one with less than 900 KV power. Also, opt for bigger props for a better performance.

How to use a drone

In order to use a drone, firstly you have to assemble different parts of the drone kit together. You can follow the instructions as per given in the manual.

You can start with the frame, you to fix different parts of the frame together with bolts and then attach other parts. You need to connect the battery with it. In order to connect the equipment such as battery or ESCs, go for bullet connectors or use heat-shrink tube method.

You have to join the wires of ESCs with the spots marked on the frame. After that, you have to put the flight controller on the frame. It is really important to position it properly in the center as not doing so, would result in crashing or so. In the same way, place your GPS module on its given spot. Then, look for a nice spot to place your RC or FPV receiver, away from the flight controller and GPS module.

Now, you know more than enough to go and buy one drone for yourself. You can go for any drones out of these two categories, even if you are a beginner. It entirely depends on the purpose of what you are looking a drone for.

If you are going to use for racing, then buy a freestyle drone but if you want to seize the upper view, then buy a photography drone. It is better to go for a cheap one before buying a professional drone as these drones are quite expensive and you will crash them for sure. You have got all you need to know about drones and now, go get one!