How to Do Kayak Camping Right

You are overloaded with a job and some private stuff is on your back. You don’t have so much energy and need some charging. It is time for some spare time. Water can calm your thoughts and slow down the tempo a bit. Imagine being around the water, watching the fishes and the birds, listening to the sounds of nature. After the active but still relaxing day, you wrap yourself into a blanket near the crackling fire. Yes, pretty idyllic atmosphere.

There is no better way to spend your time in nature than to go to the kayak camping. But, you will have to do it right. That is why we are here – to help you. Read our article and prevent any troubles that might happen in this adventure. Following these tips, you will have the best kayak camping ever!

Pick the route

When you are planning the kayak camping, you should pick a good route, especially if this is your first time. It is also important to decide whether you want to do kayaking or camping more. If your route is too long, there won’t be much time for the camping.

The best option is to choose a place you already know. Some sunny, not to narrow river is the best for these adventures. You don’t want any unnecessary stress so even if you don’t know the chosen area, make sure that you buy the maps and explore them before the trip.

Packing up

You should expect the best as the worse weather conditions. Still, this doesn’t mean you should pack half of your inventory and wardrobe. You don’t have plenty of space, so make a checklist before even starting to pack. Our recommendation is to use dry bags. Each of them should be classified for its use – clothing, food, sleeping. You need your stuff dry. You don’t want your week food supply to get wet.

Loading the kayak

Your kayak can handle a specific weight. You need to know how to dispose of the weight so the kayak doesn’t become too loaded. You will probably do some fishing on this adventure. Make sure you pick one of the best fishing kayaks.

Further, the loading should be around the center of the kayak. Be careful about the water you are wearing inside the kayak. As you will be in the water, it will slosh, and the water inside the kayak will slosh. This will make a disbalance. What’s more, why would you pack liters of water? Come on, you will be surrounded by it. Just in case, bring a first aid kit. When in nature, you just never know what will happen. Maybe you will get a scratch, or burn your finger while setting up a fire. As you see, nothing too nasty, but it is better to have a prevention.

Take care of yourself

As you will change the environment for a while, your body will react. Make sure you bring the right food for these conditions. Canned food is easy to pack and it won’t get wet. As you will spend some of your physical energy, bring some meat with you. It will be so nice to make a little barbecue near the water. Catch a fish, it has good proteins. Raw vegetables are a must.
Drink plenty of water. It is even better if there are some freshwater streams along your route.


You will need a good pair of paddles. Since you will go for a kayak camping, it will last for a few days. Pick light-weighted and, if possible, paddles with bending branches.

A vest or a jacket is also something you need. If you are planning to go fishing, then you need a jacket for sure. It has many pockets, where you can store your fishing material. Yet, while paddling in the kayak, a vest is a must. It will keep you safe.

Of course that you will need a good camping tent and sleeping bags. As you will light some fire to prepare a meal, sign right to it, or to warm a little bit, the matches are on the list also.


You see that planning the kayak camping is not that hard as it seems. The most important thing is to make sure you have a pre-plan. Prepare you kayak well, pack it up and you are ready for an adventure.