How to Get Free Google Play Credit and where to spend it.

Do you know that you can earn google play credit? You might be wondering how to get free google play credit? Because it’s not an actual currency, but its useful. If you don’t know how to get free google play credit, you need to pay from your actual money.

Google has owned everything, and it was about time, they got their own currency. But it’s not useful in outside, as you can only use it on Google applications. Yet, it’s really helpful to purchase anything from google play store.

If you want to buy a new game or update anything to pro, you need to pay from your own pocket. But what if you can get free google play credit without doing anything? We are going to tell you in this article.

Where to spend google play credit?

You might be thinking if it’s not a real currency than what is the need of getting free google play credit? But there are many ways you can use it like

  • You can buy games from the google play store
  • You can buy applications
  • You can buy books on google play store
  • You can buy movies on google play store or rent it on YouTube
  • You can even pay for Netflix subscription as well
  • You can buy a subscription to espresso from the economist and even subscribe to the online newspaper
  • There are many apps which are only available on google play store, you can use your google play credit and buy them
  • You can upgrade your app or do app in the purchase as well with free google play credit

So now you know where to spend, let’s look into the options where you can get free google play credit.

Get free google play credit from here

  1. Google opinion reward

One of the only authentic and legit way to get free google play credit. Its an app by Google itself. All you need to do is download the app and wait for it. they will send the survey to your app. The first survey is for trail and you won’t earn anything from it, but from the 2nd one, you will start earning. It will ask series of question about google app you have used in past and how was your experience. But be aware, even if the answer is almost same, but they always change its sequence. So if you just click on one button, then two answers are not the same and when google learn that you didn’t read it, they won’t give you any rewards. You can download google opinion rewards here and start earning free google play credit. You need to spend your google play credit in one year, otherwise, they will be gone from the app.

  1. instaGC

it’s a website which offers hundreds of types of gift cards, including free google play credit. All you need to do is sign up with your Gmail, twitter or Facebook. You can take the survey, watch videos, Shopping online or search online for it. with every single thing you do, you will get some point and for every gift card, you need to earn that amount of point to redeem that gift voucher. Over 1,000,000 gift cards have been redeemed and this website actually works. So visit InstaGC and start earning free google play credit.

  1. FreeMyApps

This is also one of the reputed survey websites. With this website, you can earn free google play credit, Hulu card, and even Amazon credit as well. They have redeemed more than 27 millions dollars worth of gift card till now. All you need to do is download the sponsored app they suggest or watch videos on youtube and earn rewards. You can earn lots of free google play credit with it. you can even download their Android app. You can visit FreeMyApps website as well.

  1. AppNana

This is another app like any other app which gives free google play credit. This app will give you nanapoint, from which you can redeem Amazon, Xbox, and iTunes gift cards and free google play credit as well. By doing login every day, you will earn 400 nanapoint. You need to play games and do a survey on the internet to get points. This is available for Android as well as iOS. Here is the website for AppNana, where you can find both applications to play and win.

  1. Register Your Samsung Device

When you register your new Samsung device, you will get $25 as google play credit.  But there is a catch, you need to have some of the selected devices and only then you can earn free google play credit with it. now its also available with Samsung tv as well. So if you bought any Samsung device, you can simply earn it by registering it.

  1. Buy a Chromecast Device

You might be familiar with chromecast devices, so with every new purchase of chromecast device, you can earn up to 5$ to 25$ from google play credit. You need to go this website and check if you are eligible for your free google play credit.


We hope this article is helpful to you to get free Google credit score. If you have any questions about it, do let us know in the comments.