How To Install WhatsApp With A Virtual Phone Number

Install WhatsApp with Virtual Phone Number

WhatsApp is an app that has been developed to include various features such as messaging, live chat, automatic delivery, read receipts, and no notifications all in one app! You might think that it is just too good to be true and in fact, it is.  Like any other app, there is just one flaw, it cannot work without a registered phone number.  

At least that is what the two creators way back in 2009 decided upon.  However, we are going to show you how we can trick this app into being installed with a foreign fake number.  As with many other apps, there are ways to go about having a virtual phone number for WhatsApp.  This is awesome for people, who like me, do not feel comfortable sharing their personal phone numbers with people they do not know.

With this little éscapade from the norm, we will show you how you can go about using all the normal features just by using a free virtual number for WhatsApp.   There is also a little bonus, you will be able to create an unlimited number of accounts with this free virtual phone number for WhatsApp.  We will discuss these bonus points at the end of our article.

So, here we go!

#1 . Primo

This is the first app that we want to discuss with you.  It is free and available for all android and Apple users.  Here are simple steps showing how to go about it:

        Install this app.  It can be found on both the Play Store and Apple app store as a Primo app for WhatsApp.

          Run the app and register for an account.  Here you will need a real phone number; fill in the details and submit.

          After verification, you will notice that at the bottom, right-hand side of the app, a virtual number for WhatsApp appears.

          Make a note of this number.  If you are logged in you should log out from your WhatsApp account and start over.

          Select country code +1 since the fake number is from America.

          Type the phone number that you noted in step d and click continue.

          You will then receive a call giving you a verification number which you will take note of.  This code is the same one that you will use for WhatsApp. 

          You are now set to use all the features that this free virtual number for WhatsApp can offer.

#2 . Text Plus free Text and Calls

This is the second tip that we want to suggest. Unlike other apps, Text Plus does not need your number to be rooted for you to indulge in all the features that a WhatsApp virtual number can offer. Here are the steps that will lead you to use this app.

          Install the app in the same way that you would have done with Primo.  You will need to continue with the registration.

          After you sign in, you will click on the generate button and this will give you a temporary phone number.

          Make a note of this number because you will need it for your WhatsApp login. 

          You can select any country code from the list provided because you will be using a virtual number.  This will appear on a pop-up screen. Then you will copy that number and create a WhatsApp account.

          Then you will select text me for verification and you will receive a verification code as a text message in your TextPlus app. 

          Put this verification code in your confirmation window and your free WhatsApp number is ready to use.

# 3. Hushed

Hushed is the third app we will discuss for virtual phone numbers. It is available both on Play Store and iTunes. The download is free and once it is done you can use many virtual phone numbers for voice and/or call verifications.

          This app offers cheap rates for international voice calls but please note they are not free.  You will need to buy credit before placing a call.

          Install the app and then select your virtual phone number.  Then install WhatsApp as you would have done for Primo. Then you will receive a verification account code.

          You can continue using the same instructions as detailed for the Primo app.

          The Hushed app itself is very self-explanatory and straight forward.  Just follow the instructions and you will be good to go. 

# 4 . Voxox

There are so many different apps that can generate a free number for Whatsapp.  Some are common to both Play Store and iTunes while others are specific to each one. Another example of these apps is Voxox.  This app is available both on Apple app store and Google Play Store.

          You can install this app in the same way that you would have done with Primo.  Please refer to the first app description above.

          Then you follow the verification process as per step-by-step instructions.

          The bonus part mentioned above is that you can use this same phone number that is generated as a verification number for other apps too.  Examples are Facebook, SnapChat and other social apps also. You can even use this number to make free calls using the app.

This éscapade from the norm does not only make you connect with social media apps.  It has other remarkable features such as:

          It is free of charge, and you do not have to pay anything for the virtual phone number.

          Your privacy is more secure with numbers that do not exist.

          You do not need to be a US resident to create a WhatsApp VoIP number.

          You do not need to use your mobile number to register on WhatsApp

          You can also use it for various other social media accounts.

      These tricks are completely legal and safe to use.  Since no laws are broken they will continue to be available for us to install.

What’s more?

Although you can uninstall the app after generating your free WhatsApp number, this generating app also has some other brilliant features where you can use these free Whatsapp numbers as well. By keeping the app on your phone you can enjoy the following benefits:

          The use of an international number free of charge.

          You can make free international calls from that number.

          You can send free messages to any number whether local or foreign free of charge.

          Your WhatsApp number will remain hidden.

These fake number generating apps have been created to help users have their identity respected.  However, the developers of these apps wanted also to give you other benefits as a thank you for installing their app.  We hope that you will find these pranks useful and that you will share them with all your friends. We are sure that they will enjoy these benefits too.

As we have already mentioned, these apps fall within the realms of any law.  They are not illegal. Hence we highly recommend using the generated number for proper purposes. 

We hope that you will continue enjoying the great features that WhatsApp offers.  Features that include live chat, instant messaging, delivery receipts and read receipts plus no constant notifications.  You will carry on using this app while benefiting from all the privacy that the free generated number has to offer.