How To Record Streaming Audio On PC

Everyone in this world is a lover of music. Though the taste of music differs from people to people music is in everyone’s heart. Sometimes we listen to some songs online but are not able to download the same.

This is the time when we wish if we could record online streaming audios. Well, the answer to this question is way easier than anyone could think of. You don’t need any special kind of hardware or expensive software to record the live stream audios and convert them in audio files.

All of these can be done with the Movavi Screen Recorder which will help you in recording audio from the computer instantly. This is a very handy screen recorder which will only help in recording live streaming audios but also can be used as a system audio recorder. And of course, the primary function of the software is to record videos from the screen.

How To Record Audios Using Movavi Screen Recorder

Below here are few steps which will tell you about how to rip audio from the Internet with the help of this software.

  • Install Movavi Screen Sound Ripper

After downloading the Movavi Screen Sound Ripper, all you have to do is run the file in order to install the streaming audio recorder and follow all the instructions that are on the screen. You are just a few steps away from capturing the internet audio.

  • Set Up Audio Capture

If you want to grab any podcasts or the streaming music just run the screen recorder.  If you want to configure the parameter that you want to capture then it is needed to define the capture area. For example, click on the web page that has the audio track and select which audio you want to capture. There will be appearances of capture interface and after that make sure the System Audio capture is active. You will know this when the button is green.  Also, make sure that no noise from your microphone is interfering with the audio recording process. You have to deactivate that option which is on the screen.

  • Capturing The Online Audio Stream

After setting up the audio capture the next step you have to follow is to click the REC button in order to begin the recording. Whatever you want to record tough it is a music track from YouTube, podcasts, or webcasts from a video sharing website. Make sure you start the playback after the three-second countdown in order to get the audio fully recorded.  After you have recorded your desired music, click the Stop button. You can also alternately manage the process of recording with the hotkeys.  If you are using windows then you can click the F9 button to start the recording and F10 to stop.

  • Save The Recordings In Audio Format

After the process of recording is completed, you will see that a preview window is opened. Here, you will find all the audio track that you have recorded along with all the video track. Now, if you want to extract the audio part only then click the Save As button and select the MP3 option. Now press save to export the audio file.

Pros And Cons Of Movavi Screen Recorder

Here are some pros and cons of this software


  • It has an intuitive interface
  • The software is integrated with lots of editing tools and capture option
  • Users are allowed to make the screen selection as the entire recording of the screen or customised portion


  • The software is used to face crash
  • The support of the customer is not that valuable
  • The users are not allowed to upload their audios or videos directly to any site
  • You have to loosen up your pocket to get this software


This software sounds awesome, isn’t it? Now that you have known how to capture the streaming audio then what are you waiting for? Go on and listen to your desired audios whenever you want to.