How To remove startup item in MacOS

These days we can’t even think of the idea of doing without our gadgets. We get used to them and spend a lot of time working, playing, relaxing and surfing the Internet. Sometimes it takes even more time than we are going to spend with people around. That is why no wonder that program and soft developers want to create products which are able to ease our everyday life and save some minutes for us while using a computer or a laptop.

There is an impressive number of different items that launch themselves. You turn on your computer, and they start working roughly the same time. It is pretty comfortable and can save some time and energy. But it is helpful only if you choose yourself the programs you want to be independent. How many items do you launch each time you switch on your computer? Not more than 3 or 5. And now how it turns out to be usually? You press the button and have no second to blink, but dozens of apps and programs are launching themselves immediately! We agree it is a kind of annoying! We will guide you and teach how to control this process! Users of Mac OS X, write down the tips on how to remove startup items.

Through the Program CleanMyMac 

If you don’t want to do it by hands, you need to download this application to your Mac OS X. Changing startup programmes will allow it to boot up quicker and this free programme can help you

Open it after downloading and click on the Extensions tab.

Choose Login Items in the drop-down list.

Make the unneeded apps disabled and save the result.

Through the Preferences yourself 

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out where on Mac you can find something which you need to fix or change it. Even a child is able to cope with this task so follow the given steps:

1.Open the Apple menu.

You should click on the black icon (the Apple logo), which is in the top-left corner of the screen.

2.Click on “System Preferences”.

You will find this button in the drop-down listing.


Find the icon “Users and Groups” in the bottom part of the screen or use a search in the right top corner of the window.

4.Choose the tab “Login Items”.

You will see it in the top part of the menu. It will give you access to the list of the startup items.

5.Take a look at them.

Choose the apps that you want to remove from this list. Click on them one by one and then on the button “minus” that is located under this list. This way you will ban the unnecessary programs from launching immediately after booting up.

Sometimes there is no need to remove some programmes from startup completely. You can hide them instead of deleting. You can select the checkbox in the Hide column next to the application in order to hide an item when you log in. It can be a great idea for any types of messengers. Telegram, Facebook, Skype don’t disturb you, but they are running in the background, and you are already in touch.

If you are a sophisticated computer user, you are aware of the fact that the startup process considers daemons and agents as well. For instance, you can run your own web server, run scripts or programs on a schedule, mount file systems, etc. Agents and daemons are system services and provide operation of the system. They have slightly different purposes and respectively operate in different ways. And you are able to remove them, too. If you are interested in this topic, you can receive more information on We hope this article will help you to make your Mac run like clockwork. Good luck.