How to Transfer Content to Sony Smartphone with Xperia Transfer

Are you a new Sony Xperia user wondering how to transfer content to Sony smartphone?  Your old smartphone might have reached its end, and you might be thinking of grabbing a Sony Xperia smartphone. It could be one of last year’s models, the recently released Xperia XZ2, or even its smaller sibling, the Xperia XZ2 Compact. This results in an even bigger question: how do you transfer the precious files from your old phone to your new Sony smartphone?

Xperia Transfer will help you to copy data to Sony smartphone. We all know that a smartphone nowadays is a prized possession because of personal data like messages, videos, and contacts. They are files you can’t afford to lose, in short. Xperia Transfer is the best solution to ensure that these files don’t get lost in the transition to a new phone.

Xperia Transfer provides different ways to transfer data to Sony smartphone from your current phone, be it an iPhone, a Windows phone, or Android. If you want to transfer files wirelessly, you can choose Xperia Transfer Mobile. If you want to send data using your Mac or PC, Sony has Xperia Transfer Desktop.

Thinking of what method suits you best? Let’s put it this way: If your Android phone runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or later, Xperia Transfer Mobile is your best choice. The Xperia Transfer Desktop best suits phones running an older Android OS. This also applies to Nokia smartphones on Symbian, Blackberry, or other phone models on Windows OS and iPhones.

Use Xperia Transfer Mobile

Step 1. If you choose to use Xperia Transfer Mobile, look for the app in your app drawer. If it is not pre-installed on your Sony Xperia smartphone, you can download it on the Google Play Store. Download the app on your old phone as well. After installing, launch the app on both devices.








step 2. You will be asked what your previous device is. Choose the correct device option. You will then be asked how you prefer to transfer your content.

You can choose Wi-Fi Direct if you want to connect your old and new device via Wi-Fi. Choose Cloud if you want to temporarily store yourcontent before transferring it to your new device. You can also choose to back up your content to an SD card before transferring it to your new device.

Step 3. After selecting your choice, you will be asked if your device will receive or send data. After your selection, you will be asked to enter a PIN code on your receiving device. After pairing devices, choose the files you want to transfer to your Sony smartphone.

Step 4. After tapping Transfer, migration will commence. All selected files will be transferred to your new Sony Xperia device. Just make sure your new phone has enough memory, and everything you need will be migrated and ready to use.

Use Xperia Transfer Desktop

 If your old smartphone is running an Android version older than 4.0, you might encounter problems connecting wirelessly. This might be the same case on older Blackberry phones, iPhones, or smartphones running on Windows.  It is better to choose Xperia Transfer Desktop, or currently called Xperia Companion to transfer content to Sony smartphone.

Step 1. You can download Xperia Companion on Sony Mobile Support’s official website.  Check if your computer meets the necessary system requirements, whether a Mac OS (48.6 MB) or Windows PC (47.7 MB). Then, download the installation package to a temporary folder. Run the downloaded file and follow the onscreen instructions to install.

Step 2. Launch PC Companion on your Mac or Windows PC. Save your old phone’s files on your desktop, and then connect your Sony Xperia through USB.

Step 3. Once connected, choose how to use the connection. You can either charge the device, transfer files, or use device as MIDI or Musical Instrument Digital Interface. Choose Transfer files mode. Follow the onscreen instructions until all chosen files are migrated to your new Sony Xperia smartphone.


Whether you use the Xperia Transfer Mobile or Xperia PC Companion, it’s never a bad idea for a smartphone manufacturer to have his or her own support portal. The support portal and applications are convenient for new users and avid, loyal customers. Sony has continuously upped the ante against other technology giants with their premium products and support.  Next time, we can look forward to an even easier switch.