How To Use Your Vacuum To Clean Anything

It’s not that we are against mopping or brooming but let’s talk about facts, no mop or broom can actually suck out the dust and the debris from each and every corner of your house. Like, you cannot just take a mop, dip it in water, squeeze it and then try to reach the corner under your sofa and even if this move was successful in the first go, it won’t be easy to repeat it. In short, mopping is a lot of hassle to take on especially when technology has given you so much then why don’t you use vacuum cleaners? They are affordable, they are reliable, and they can actually help you take out all the dust that has been under your carpets for years. In fact, technology has now gone so far that there even are cordless vacuums available in the market.

Before getting started with the topic of today, let’s first talk more on the importance of owning a vacuum cleaner. Almost every house has one and if you haven’t yet bought on for your house then honestly you need to rethink your decision because this product is a life’s luxury and believe or not, you will feel the need to use one someday in your life.

Now, if you are reading this article, then there are high chances that you bought a vacuum cleaner for yourself, and now you want to know how to use it. Well, don’t worry we are here to answer that question of yours and today we are going to tell you all you need to know about its use.

The Attachments Of A Vacuum Cleaner

In order to completely understand how a vacuum works, you first have to know about the tools and attachments with which it comes.

The crevice tool

This tool is one of the best parts of a vacuum as with it you can easily access the inaccessible areas. It is more of a narrow nozzle that allows you to clean the tight and the narrow parts of your house.

Upholstery attachment

This tool comes with fabric that is used to suck the dirt and dust out of your mattresses, your bed and the foam of your couch, etc. You might not know and see, but honestly, there can be a lot of dust on your couch.

Small vacuum cleaner head

Want to clean your stairs? Well, the mini cleaner head can be your best friend because it comes with extraordinary suction power that can make your stairs look and stay clean.

These are a few of the basic tools that come with a vacuum cleaner. Now, we are going to jot down a few tips for you so that you can efficiently and effectively clean your house and the corners.

For Hard Floors

When it comes to the hard surfaces, you don’t have to clean vacuum them every single day, in fact, once or twice a week will be more than enough, and you can use a mop in between the days.

For Carpets

You can use the vacuum once a week when it comes to carpets. Like you just have to give a little more attention to the areas such as the entrances or the doors where there are a lot of people moving and stepping.

For Walls And Ceilings

Your ceilings also need to get rid of the dust on them so make sure you do vacuum them too. You can use the mini dust brush attachment of your vacuum and make sure you use the brush in a vertical position like you have to start cleaning from the ceiling towards the floor.

These are a few things that you have to consider while using a vacuum. Now, if you haven’t yet bought a vacuum cleaner then don’t wait for any further and get your hands on this amazing product right at the moment.