How to wear a lapel pin to look more elegant

Everyone wants to look attractive and elegant and for fulfilling this purpose we spend a lot of money on our outfits and accessories. Good dressing sense enhance your personality and make you center of attraction. Men wear suits to look different. Did you ever notice an accessory attached with men’s suit? Yes, we are talking about lapel pins and here we will discuss that how to wear a lapel pin to look stylish.

Lapel pins are one of the most prominent ways to add style to your outfit. In recent years the demand for lapel pins has increased. Lapel pins represent your personality and your taste. Only wearing a suit is not enough if you want to show off your style then various types of lapel pins can be figured you out from the crowd. There are tons of companies which are creating harvested and up to date lapel pins. You can visit for latest designs of lapel pins.

What is a lapel pin?

First of all, I would like to define what is lapel pin. Actually, a lapel pin is a tiny pin which is worn on the groove of a jacket or coat. Lapel refers to the edge part of a jacket or coat just below the collar which is folded on both sides. Normally lapel pins are worn for looking stylish but many times they represent as a symbol of an organization.

Lapel pins come in different designs and shapes and can be worn in many ways. All the two part of lapel pins are equally important as backside helps to fix it on an appropriate place and front side for looking classy.

Types of attachments

There are different kinds of attachments for fixing with your suit. Some of them are given below:


This is the commonly used attachment for modern pins. It looks like a slim needle with a collar.

Butterfly clutch

Butterfly usually used on small pins and the pins come with a piercing edge to attach with it. Just compress the pin for releasing it from the clutch.

Magnetic Clasp

Magnetic clasps are two moderate rings for attaching the front and back of the pin. If you want to escape the fear of a hole in your valuable attire then it is best for you. The only drawback of these pins is that they can be loose at any time.

Screw and nut

The most secure attachment among all. Nut pin and screw help the pin to place firmly.

Types of pins

After backside comes to the front side called pins. Here is a brief description of the different lapel pins.


Boutonnieres are the lapel pins which are created with a flower. They are popular from the olden age before the origin of modern pins. These pins add the color and style as well. These pins must be worn on the left side, over your heart. The size of the flower should be small.


Badges are the origin of modern lapel pins. Usually, these pins are worn for showcasing the political affiliation or the membership of a particular organization. Our military use badges as a symbol. These pins are small and less attractive and also called enamel pins.

Floral lapel pins

Floral lapel pins are actually artificial flowers made from linen, cotton, paper, silk, and satin fabric. They are considered less formal but add a nice touch to your personality.

Vintage lapel pins

If you want to feel some vintage look then vintage pins will help you. You can get them from your grandparents as a charity.

Collar pins

If you want to look different out of the mob then collar pin definitely does this job for you. I can say that collar pins are the latest form of lapel pins. These pins are attached with your collar for giving you a different look.

Long stem pin

Now discuss another modern pin called long stem. There are no criteria for their shape and design, they can be geometrical shaped or in a form of an arrow. These pins are made up of metals like gold, silver, or bronze. If you want to look most elegant among all then you must try them.

Where should you wear a lapel pin?

There is a variation in wearing a lapel pin according to the occasion. If you don’t want to make any mistake with your look then you must know the correct way to adopt them.

Formal events

If you are going to attend a formal event then it is the appropriate time to show off your personality. You can Wear with a tuxedo with a black tie. boutonnière is the most suited lapel pins for a tuxedo.


In old days many organizations gave lapel pins to their employees as a reward but things have changed now these pins are wearing in routine. You can go for simple and elegant look lapel pins.

Everyday wear

While selecting lapel pins for every day, you must be more choosy. Long stemmed lapel pins can add an extra flair to your outfit. You can go for badges and tiny pins and attach them to your jacket, pullover to give you a nice look.

Lapel pin placement

  • If you are wearing a lapel pin with your suit then you must wear it on the left side just under the collar.
  • If you are going to wear a jacket with a tie then you can wear a lapel pin on your tie. One noticeable point is that you should wear it in the mid of the tie.
  • If you are wearing a lapel pin on a dress shirt then you must wear it on the left side near your heart.
  • If you are wearing a coat then you can attach the lapel pin in the given buttonhole or on the collar.

Well..lapel pin is the most important accessory of men,s wardrobe and you can’t ignore its importance. There are different lapel pins for different occasions. It all depends on your taste that which one is best for you. Still, wanna know more about lapel pins then comment below also give your suggestions for wearing a lapel pin in a specific manner.