India will be the first to get Panasonic “Invisible TV”

invisible tv

“Invisible TV” which is being made by Panasonic company and first will be launched in India among other countries says, Manish Sharma, president and chief executive officer at Panasonic of India and South Asia.

Panasonic has developed an Invisible TV which generates clear image and brightness as normal TV. Imagine a transparent TV which can be easily fit into your furniture and glass panes.As 4K TV’s, curved screen and HDR were not so much impressive for the customers. So, Panasonic came back again with super-advance technology with prototype invisible TV. Company want’s to increase shares comparing to 4K ultra high-definition television.

Invisible TV will be the strongest pillar for Panasonic in Market.

What Exactly is Invisible TV?

This is one type of invisible TV, when it is not in use.

The TV is kept in the cabinet or glass pane. It appears like transparent glass when we touch it or move our hand in front of TV it automatically gets converted into TV.

OLED screen is used in invisible TV which uses it owns lighting pixel. The best thing about OLED screen id that it is made up of a layer of plastic between two electrodes. So, the back light is not required.

“The OLED screen is made from a fine mesh, embedded into the glass sliding door,”

Invisible TV can be controlled with hand gestures to play music or movies, depends on gestures.

Invisible TV is successfully science fiction that comes into reality.