Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer ” Complete Description 2018″

As we all know that Karchar is among the most trusted brands for the best power washers. It produces the best products for home and garden cleaning and other things also like cars etc. Whatever is required for cleaning either a small thing or large projects, Karchar produces all the tools and has the ideal solution. We cannot doubt on any of the product produced by Karchar. But If you want reviews about other products then we have another list of best electric pressure washer 2018.

So now I will review one of its amazing products and that is Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer. This pressure washer offers not only the fabulous features but is also affordable. And a product with fabulous features and under such price is just amazing. So let’s have a look at its features.

Features Of Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer

Design: The dimension of Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer is 9.0 inches depth, 30.8 inches height, and 11.0 inches width. It has onboard storage for its instruments. It’s tall, tough, fixed handle and wheels make it easy to move. And because of its compact designing, it takes less storage space after you are done with your task. So in all, Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer has a perfect designing.

1600 PSI pressure washer: The motor that is used in Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer delivers 1600 PSI of water pressure. And this is enough to clean most of the tough cleaning jobs comfortably. It helps you to clean your car, motorcycles, walls etc. And for smooth cleaning, this best pressure washer offers 1.25 GPM water flow.

20-foot High-Pressure Hose: Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer has a 20-foot high-pressure hose. Such a long hose lets you do your work in wide areas. This best electric power washer also has a 35-foot power cord which has a GFCI plug for your safety. This long power cord will help you to move a distance from where you have plugged in your best power washer. You can take a connection inside your house and can put your machine outside the house and continue cleaning. So you don’t need to worry about its connection because this such a long cord has solved your problem.

Expert Spray Wand: Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer comes with two expert spray wands. Dirtblaster spray wand will rotate the spray and makes tough jobs easy to do. For your stubborn stains use Dirtblaster Spray Wand because it will increase the electric pressure up to 50 percent.

Vario Power Spray wand will easily adjust the spray shape. This adjustable wand will help you to easily switch from low to high pressure while you clean. So you can comfortably do your easy as well as tough cleaning with this best power washer.

Warranty: Karchar gives you a 2 years warranty on its best K2 Plus Electric Power Washer. Well, the products of this company are so good that you will hardly face any problems. But if in case you face any problem then the company will provide the free service for two years from buying. Either you will get your product exchanged or they will fix the problem.


  • Lightweight tool
  • Compact designing
  • 1600 PSI pressure washer
  • Includes two expert spray wands
  • 20-foot high-pressure hose
  • 35-foot power cord
  • Easy to transport
  • 2 years warranty


  • Some people finds the lance hose a little short but some do not.
  • If the unit is kept in shed in winter then some trapped water may freeze and cause a leak.

Final Verdict About Karchar K2 Plus Electric Power Washer

So finally the time has come to say goodbye to your stubborn spots. The stains which were not ready to go since years will now have to leave. And this is not at all a difficult task. As you have read in the article that the work becomes so easy and comfortable with this best pressure washer. A product with amazing features at such a low price is available so why are you waiting. Go and order it now on Amazon. But I would personally like to suggest you that before buying any product you must check its reviews and ratings. So here also before you reach any decision do check its reviews and ratings for your own satisfaction.You can purchase this using a Credit card or a debit card

I hope you will the take a good decision so that you will never regret in near future. And if you have any doubts or any queries you can leave a comment in the box given below. We would love to hear them and will surely give you the answers. Thank You.