Mail Carriers are selling your Personal Information to Giant Companies

Selling Data


Are you aware of the today’s marketing strategies? If you are, then you should also know that your mail carrier company is selling your personal information to the giant companies.

They (mail carrier companies) are selling the personal information of yours to make more money. They are generating a handsome revenue just by selling your personal information.

Do you know how the mail carrier companies and agencies get or collect your information and what the giant companies do with this information? If No, then here in this article you will get the answer to this question.

If you use postal service to send or receive mail and packages, then you must be in their database, and they must have your personal information like name, address, contact number, email ID, etc. For better understanding, let’s suppose you are a customer of the famous and the leading mail carrier, USPS.

This mail carrier has all your information given above, and it can sell this information to the giant companies which use it in various fields and works. Usually, this info is used to promote any service or brand.

If they (giant companies) have any kind of product or service, then they use the info to promote that product/service. What they simply do is that they send you the links and messages of that promotion on your mobile phone or your email ID.

They also hire a person whose job is to promote the same brand or service but through promotional templates, letter, cards, and catalogs. This is simply an advertisement. That person goes door to door and puts that promotional letter/card at the door or into the mailbox. It is the main reason why you face the problem of Junk Mail. You can also Stop Junk Mail if you want.

Not only USPS but other mail carrier companies are doing the same. They are selling the personal information of the customers secretly and making a huge revenue.

Now the point is how you can avoid this.

So, there are two methods to avoid the same. First, you can ask your mail carrier not to sell your personal information to any person or any company and second, you can take actions against the promotional letters, emails, links, cards or anything which seems to be promotional.

Firstly, contact your mail carrier and ask them to remove you from their selling list or not to give your info to anyone. After this, they will remove you from all the promoting lists or anything which affects you negatively.

If this method doesn’t work for you and you are still facing the problem then go for the second method.

If you are getting the emails then check, there must be the option of Unsubscribe or something like this. Click on that option, and you will see that you could easily stop those emails.

If you are getting junk mail, then return that mail back to its sender. For this, don’t open the envelope and write “Return to Sender” in bold and clear letters. After that, put that mail back to the mailbox or mail it. The letter carrier will take back that mail to its sender. This way the sender will get the point that you are not interested in getting these kinds of mail and they will stop emailing you.

You can also place a No Junk Mail Sign Board at your door or near the mailbox. It will surely help you.

Try some more methods and ways to stop these mail, emails, cards, etc.