Men’s Accessories Styling Tips 2018

When they say money can buy you an accessory but it can’t buy you, class, they make a valid point because that is hundred percent correct. We see hundreds of people every day on the roads, at workplaces, on TV and everywhere else. Some people come forth as stylish, have a charm of their own even in their most conventional attires while others clad in those expensive dresses and having some of the most sophisticated accessories just look ordinary. Why is that so?

It’s not enough to have a good accessory. What matters the most is how you carry your accessories. The style is a sense and not everyone has it but it is a sense which is governed by simple principles and can be toned easily. Are you someone who is into accessories, who wishes to carve a signature of their own and have a style presence in a crowd of ordinary people?  You can be extraordinary while being your true self. Here is your geode to men’s accessories styling tips, it includes all the basics that you would ever need to know to make a style statement of their own.

This guide to men’s accessories styling is fundamentally divided into a few sections, for accessories, we deem as the most important for making a statement and highlight the various do’s and don’ts for these chosen accessories. Read on and be a style pro yourself!


What’s so basic to men’s accessories? Belts, they cost less but make a worthy addition to your wardrobe. You don’t need a lot of them, a few good ones would do. You should pay attention to the kind of belts you need for casual wear or formal wear. You should go for unorthodox colors only when you have the conventional black and brown in your wardrobe. Choose the classic style buckles for formal wear and match your belts with your shoes in basic black and brown ones.


Neckties are an important accessory, especially professionals and to wear to formal occasions. To be honest, they are the must-wear if you are going to attend a formal event. You should always match your tie with either your suit or your contrast shirt, picking out a third color is rather brave and should be avoided unless the combination has been seen before and is in vogue. Picking ties with checks is difficult, avoid patterns in such cases, they look odd. Check a style guide for neckties depending on the occasion, don’t make a causal corporate meeting suited knot if you are to attend a wedding reception. You should wear a necktie simple and let it be asked if it is, it looks rather good.


You are better off checking the difference between suspenders and braces when you buy one. To couple suspenders with belts is too old school for 2018, you should avoid that to be in vogue. Don’t ever forget to show off your suspenders, why wear an accessory if it is to remain hidden? There is one thing you should never do though. Taking off your jacket to show off the suspenders is cool but not wearing a suit jacket with suspenders is very uncool, don’t even try that! Always wear a jacket if you choose to wear suspenders.


The not-so-common cufflinks are a worthy addition to your wardrobe. You should never wear French cuffs without these. Get yourself more than one pair of cufflinks because the trick with them is that your metals should match. Make sure your cufflinks are a match without your watch metal and belts buckles. Matching metals is the real thing with the cufflinks! One important thing that you must know about cufflinks is that these are not an everyday accessory. Choose your occasions wisely, they make the most sophisticated accessory for the most important days.

Pocket Squares

Never use a pocket square as a Kleenex for yourself. Always make sure that your pocket square is that accessory which you flaunt, pick the style which makes it prominent on your suit style. You don’t have to go for a perfect match with your tie, go for something different and look for patterns too, they look really stylish.


Watches are an important accessory, they tell more than just time, they speak of your taste. You should consider a few things. If you have only one watch that you wear everywhere and under all circumstances then you should have a very neutral piece in terms of colour and design. Metals make for better neutral designs. Make sure it can be paired with casuals as well as semi formals and formals. If you have more than one watches, make sure your watch colours compliment your attire, the style as well. Sleek designs are most appropriate for formal watches and broad ones are good for casual wear. Citizen watches have got plenty of choices. Match all your metals with the watch you choose to wear on a day. For formal wear, round dials are more preferable because they highlight all the details and create a strong impression. Digital watches are only for causal wear, that’s one fact!

All you need is to get the basics right to make yourself the extraordinary in ordinary!