As per the reports, India beats US and becomes the number one Internet User

Android users

India is the second highest mobile to PC internet access user in the world after Nigeria. As per the report, India has 355 million users in the month of June 2016 and 277 million users of the broadband subscriber in March 2017.

Indian mobile usage 2017


When People access the internet Two highest Apps are mostly downloaded from play store I.e. Whatsapp and Facebook. According to reports, India has overtaken China in terms of spending time on the Internet and Now India has left over the USA in terms of downloading Apps from play store.

India has the second highest mobile web traffic in the world. Currently, Mobile Web Traffic is 80% less than the Nigeria. No wonder it makes India the world fastest growing smartphones market.

In China which is estimated to have the highest number of download due to their perfect volume devices but google playstore is banned in China, So India becomes the leader in terms of Download among other countries.

India spent 40 to 45% of the time on their mobiles compared to TV. Among some activities, Indian spent 45% time on entertainment, 34% on social media and rarely 2% on News and media. It means Entertainment is the first thing Indian want than social media and at last News.


From last 8 to 10 months when jio enters into the market of Internet with its plans he took over the place and had captured almost 108 million subscribers. Jio was the catalyst which has done the reduction in cost across India. By the end of the march, Jio cut down the cost of 1 GB of data by 20%.

In March 2017 Jio average data cost of 1 GB was 21rs which the average of all telecom operators. Jio reduces the data cost 10% quarterly and same with voice cost reduced to 4% quarterly.

Indian wireless consumer data prices

In India UC Browser of China has garnered a share of 50% in the mobile browser, On the other hand, google chrome has on 32% of market share.

According to reports, Indians spent almost 150 billion hours on the smartphone in 2016 got increased from year 2015 where it was 110 billion hours. As compared to other countries Brazil spent 110 billion comes second and on third USA who spent 80-90 billion hours, It makes India the most internet usage in world.

Time spent on Android devices

Source: Atlas. Data: App Annie

Currently, Google is setting up free WiFi Infrastructure in 400 railways across India to access the internet through local hotspot at reduced cost.