RBI All Set To Release the 200 RS Note in June 2017


After the demonetization move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Indians witnessed the arrival of many new denominations and the new currency notes. Another currency note which is all set to release is Rs. 200 Note in Juneā€™ 2017

Owing to the absence of a middle value currency between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000, many people have urged government to introduce a currency note which is of higher value than Rs,. 100, and preferably between Rs. 500 and Rs. 2000. However, nothing of this sort happened. But, now, a Rs. 200 notes are expected to come soon, which will make it easier for the common people to perform day to day transactions.

RBI to Launch Rs. 200 DenominationĀ 

As per the recent reports, which many people are claiming to be fake, RBI has taken the decision to release the Rs. 200 denominations, and this decision have already been taken at the last meeting.

The process for the printing of the new notes will begin somewhere after June 2017, after the new denominations are officially approved by the government.

If introduced, the Rs. 200 would be the second new denomination launched by the central bank after Rs. 2000 notes, which were the result of demonetization move.

There are some websites which have also reported this news.

RBI to Issue Plastic Notes

Apart from the launch of the Rs. 200 notes, it is also being speculated that RBI has started the trials for plastic notes for the Rs. 10 currencies. The plastic notes are expected to last much longer than their paper counterparts, the cotton substrate based bank note.

Rs. 1000 Note to Get Revamped

Some reports related to Rs. 1000 notes are also doing the rounds. It is being reported that Rs. 1000 note is going to be enhanced with some more security features. And it is among one of the agendas of RBI for this year.

In the past, RBI has categorically rejected the introduction of Rs. 1000 notes, but as per the recent reports, we are soon going to see the old 1000 note in a new avatar.