Red Hydrogen One: World’s First Phone with Holographic Display.

Hydrogen One


The red company known for making high-end camera has announced its new phone called hydrogen one. Hydrogen One will be the world’s first smartphone which will come with the holographic display. The company has successfully created a device which many companies have failed to do over a long decade of times. Red has come up with something different to the world. Here are the details about the Holographic display and how it will effect current smartphone economy and specifications sector.

The smartphones come with a 5.7-inch holographic display with nanotechnology. A technology where the 3D will be an addition to the 2D display. So users don’t need to wear 3-D glasses to feel 3-D view. It also supports various content like 2D, 3D, artificial reality, virtual reality and interactive reality. Users will not need to wear glasses or headsets to enjoy the content on Red Hydrogen One.

History of Holographic:

Many several companies have tried with 3D content on display. Both LG and HTC have tried their best on holographic media in 2011, then it was followed by Amazon spectacular failure of 3D Fire Phone in 2014. But all of them have failed in experimenting 3D display.

Hydrogen One:

The stereo 3D content will include the RED’s special 4-view content and will get an extreme display flexibility conversion which would turn the media into holographic content. Like Moto Z Series, Hydrogen One will get Modular Attachments and a separate display that can switch between the 2D and 3D. The company says, that the Hydrogen System will incorporate a latest high-speed data bus for the modular component system, which would include some of the future unannounced attachments. The device will come with a USB Type-C port, extra micro SD slot to expand the storage, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Hydrogen One: Holographic Display Price:

The company has announced the device to Launch in the first quarter of 2018 and it will be exclusively available for pre-order on the Red official website. The company has announced two variants of Hydrogen One:

1) The aluminum version will cost around Rs. 77000/-.

2) Titanium version will cost around Rs. 100,000/-

Red said that it could struggle to fill orders of the phone “due to display production limitations” and the prices displayed may not be the actual cost when the phone is released officially. Red said that it is targeting to ship the device in the first quarter of 2018 in the US.  There’s no word on whether Red Hydrogen One will be available in other markets.