Reliance Jio Surprises Everyone With Dhan Dhana Dhan Offer with 1 GB Data Per Day for 3 Months for Rs 309


Since its launch, Reliance Jio has been surprising not only its customers but also its competitors by launching the most amazing data plans and calling offers.

After giving its services for free for almost six months, Jio launched prime membership offers and many others.

The newest offer launched by Reliance Jio early this week is the “Dhan Dhana Dhan” offer under which the customers will get around three months of unlimited voice calling and data for a recharge of Rs. 309. While there’s no capping on the voice calling, the data plans are capped at 1GB per day, Thus, the users will only be able to use 1 GB of data per day for the duration of this offer.

Dhan Dhana Dhan Plan

As per the details of the plan, there are two options to choose from for prime Jio customers.

If the Prime Jio Subscribers recharge their Jio SIM with Rs. 309, they will get 84GB for 84 days, as 1GB per day. There’s another plan for the users whose data needs are a bit higher. They would have to get a recharge done for Rs. 509, and they will get 168 GB for 84 days, which implies 2GB per day.

Apart from the data usage and unlimited voice calls, the users will get unlimited SMS and free Jio Apps subscription for the duration of the plan.

As per the Reliance website, it has been made clear that this offer is limited only to one recharge,  and isn’t available along with the Jio’s Summer surprise offer.

Good News For New Jio Customers

If you are assuming that only prime Jio subscribers would be able to enjoy the new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer, then there’s some good news for the new Jio customers and the non prime members as well.

The new and non-prime customers can enjoy the same offer with all its benefits with a recharge of Rs. 408 and Rs. 608 respectively to get 1 GB and 2GB daily.

While the recharge can be done immediately, but the plan’s services will come into effect April 15 onwards. April 15 is also the deadline for the Jio Prime membership, which can be availed by the Jio customers through a one time recharge of Rs. 99.

After Jio was forced to pull back its summer surprise offer on the advice of the telecom regulatory agency of India, Jio instantly launched this new offer.

Many Jio customers were disappointed as the telecom giant had to withdraw its Summer surprise offer, and thus, they launched all new Dhan Dhana Dhan offer.