Samsung Galaxy S9 is a complete iPhone rival

Samsung Galaxy s9

Samsung Galaxy s9

Apple fans are very excited about the Apple iPhone X, and on another hand, Galaxy Android smartphone fans are waiting for the release of Samsung Galaxy S9, because the newest upcoming phone from Samsung will be above all.

The recent launched S8 is interesting, but people are concerned about its size as of Apple iPhone X. About the overall size I have to say two things: firstly this rectangular touch makes it come well with one hand on both sides of the phone but in my case did not get well to the top of it. And this happens to me when I put my finger on the fingerprint sensor. This is one of the complaints that 8+ users also have. And second, the size is a real wonder, that is, we have a phone much bigger than an iPhone 8 Plus but it is smaller in overall size. A Samsung hit without a doubt is Samsung Galaxy S9 Also you can visit best galaxy s9 case and secure your S9 phone.

The screen of the Samsung S8 has a density of 570ppi, with a ratio of dimensions 18.5: 9, is sincerely a peculiar to say the least. The most striking is that the S8 brings by default the resolution of 2.220x1080px and it will have to be the user who enters the settings and set the highest resolution that allows, being 2.960x1440px, a jewel that sincerely my eye is not able to differentiate in the slightest except in certain scenes of action that the dust of an explosion is seen with a little more detail, I repeat that it is necessary to look carefully to be able to distinguish the difference. On the other hand, the huge configuration and customization of Android allow you to configure the zoom on the screen; I have found comfort with the highest resolution settings, small mode zoom, and small screen font. Samsung Galaxy S9 will be jewel just like the Samsun Galaxy S8.

Finishing with the screen of S8, the function that I liked the most was” always on “, which will simply always show the clock with the application icons that we have received a notification, so we can see if we have an email, a message of WhatsApp or a calendar alert without having to pick up the phone. This always-on screen, like no, can be configured so that it also shows the date, the percentage of battery and eight hundred more things, to suit everyone. And, there’s no scope of improvements in the Samsung Galaxy S9 because it is going to be just perfect.

Weight of S8, Samsung cites the weight of the phone in 155 grams. If we want to compare it with the benchmark of the competition, the iPhone 7 is 33 grams lighter than the iPhone 7 Plus, but 17 grams heavier than a 4.7 iPhone 4.7. Having a bigger battery and a screen of 1.1” more, then sincerely, Ole by Samsung and the weight! So, Samsung engineers in the Galaxy S9 can perform similar magic.