Samsung Pay – A new way to pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung is a renowned manufacturer of the smart phones, and recently the demonetization forced several companies to introduce cashless ways of payment. Samsung is also among the companies which introduced e-payment systems, and it introduced “Samsung Pay” a simple and secure way to pay.

One of the early smart phone companies to introduce mobile payments was Apple. With Apple Pay, it made a huge push into the space of the mobile payments back in 2014. Later, Google introduced “Android Pay” in 2015, and now the fray has been joined by Samsung with its own mobile payment system.

Countries Where You Can Use Samsung Pay

Currently, the Samsung Pay is available in the USA on all the primary carrier networks. Apart from the USA, you can use the Samsung Pay in South Korea, Thailand, China, and Spain. Most recently, the countries which got added in the list of availability of Samsung Pay include Switzerland, Hong Kong, Sweden and UAE.

Following the beta testing, the service got fully launched in Sweden and UAE in the April’ 2017. These two are among the first countries in the Middle East and Nordic markets to receive Samsung pay.

First Mobile System That Allows You To Pay With Your Eyes

As per a report released by the Yonhap News Agency in the South Korea, the Samsung is planning to enable the payment through the IRIS scanning in the region. This was one of the recommendations made by the credit card firms in the country, and Samsung considered the advice quite seriously.

Though, these companies wanted this feature to be incorporated in the Galaxy Note 7 last year, but, then could only use it for the account verification and not the real transactions.

As per the experts, this method is far more secure than fingerprints and passwords, and thus, is capable of making the fraud virtually impossible.

The IRIS scanning is one of the three key biometric authentication methodologies available on the newly launched Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. The other two methods include facial recognition and fingerprint sensor.

With the iris scanning, the Samsung devices can be locked by the users just by looking at them.

Allegedly, the Samsung’s rival, LG is also planning to enable the face –sensing technology for its smartphones, and on the recently released G6. The prime aim of LG behind this is to use this technology for the payments.