Seven reasons why people like kissanime

At some point in our lives we allhave been big fans of anime and cartoons, and some of us still are. The anime industry is ever growing now that we the internet and unlimited streaming options for viewers around the world. Animesh were really popular back in the day when we were kids, evn though there was no internet and no fancy streaming services like Netflix or amazon prime. But every day we’d wait to watch them on TV and they truly paved the path to where we have reached today and the world of animation has truly changed ever since. However, some of those classic series from our childhood are still running, like the Dragon ball series.

The dragon ball series has a new running show named ‘Dragon Ball Super’ but the problem with that is that the show is available in a few selected countries only, like the United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, etc, but not everywhere else. That’s quite unfair, because you’d find Dragon ball fans in almost every country on the globe. But, however, the internet has a solution – online anime streaming portals Uanime. So today we’re talking about one such streaming portal – KissAnime. KissAnime is a major animations and cartoon streaming service that is popular around the world among amine fans. Here are seven major reasons why People like kissanime.

1.Almost half of the animated series in this world are not broadcasted globally. For example, there is Dragon Ball Super, Rick and Morty, Archer, and many such char busting superhit animated shows and cartoons which have cult status following around the world, but are broadcasted only in selected few countries given their popularity and demand. This is because TV channel networks can not afford to telecast these shows in countries where viewership numbers are relatively smaller. But no matter which country in thele world you belong to, whether your favorite anime is telecasted in your country or not, as long as you have a working internet connection you can watch it on Kissanime.

2.Television usually telecasts latest series, those which are currently running. Therefore, there are lots of series which had their final seasons premiered years ago and now you can’t watch them on television. But, the anime database on Kissanime is huge, and you can find all your childhood favourites like Johny Bravo or Grim Reaper, which aren’t telecasting anymore. You can easily find almost every popular anime series that has been aired, from those of 1990’s to those running present day.

3.It’s not easy to find the series you are looking for in a good video quality. But on Kissanime you’ll easily get all the episodes of your favorite anime in almost every video quality/resolution option available online, from 360P to 720P, which is a great feature.

4.On various streaming portals nowadays, a lot of videos are broken or the series is incomplete, missing a few episodes. But on this site, you’ll get all your episodes stacked together, grouped in seasons, and full-length. Not only are they complete, but also all of them are in subs and also available in DUBs which you want.

5.On kissanime on all the animated shows and series are regularly updated, and you can find the latest episode soon after it’s released. Newer popular releases can be easily found on the homepage itself.

6.Kissanime doesn’t use any flash player and bas it’s own player, but in case you are using it on the web on a pc, you can play the video on the flash player as well, if you wish to.

7.Unlike most other media streaming portals, websites, or apps available online that face downtime every now and then due to some problems with servers, Kissanime has zero back time since they have three servers of their own. So in case one of them goes down, you can still watch your show on the other one.