Shree Narendra Modi- 3 Years Of Governance ,A Big Survey

Narendra Modi- 3 years of governance ,A Big Survey

As Sri Narendra Modi-led BJP government is on the verge of completing 3 years of governance on May 26th, all the BJP cadres including CMs, MPs, and MLAs are going to celebrate the occasion in a grand manner. They all will be going to tell the common man about the achievements of the government in the last 3 years. The program will be held in 900 venues across the country by various ministers and MPs of BJP.

This will be the time when ministers and cadres of opposition parties will make allegations and point the failed schemes of government and also talk about the work which is still incomplete. The BJP cadres will come out with narratives to counter political allegations on its various policies as it prepares to celebrate the 3rd anniversary. The narratives from the party will contain facts, figures, and statistics on the various welfare schemes of the government.

Sri Narendra Modi is about to complete just 3 years of governance but the achievements of his government are decent enough and his efforts are just sowing the seeds for the future. Let’s have a look at some of his achievements.

  • Make in India is the first thing which comes to our mind when we talk about changes in the last 3 years. He has attracted many players to India to manufacture locally, which brings lots of employment opportunities. India has attracted $31 billion FDI in 2015. This is just the beginning and our PM continues to voice Make in India globally.
  • Indian Railways is improving, although slowly, but it is undergoing many reforms to create quality coaches, create jobs, cleaning major stations (part of Swachh Bharat), etc.
  • Many PSUs like Air India and BSNL are profitable after many years. Hence, they have not burdened on the taxpayer anymore.
  • India is one of the biggest importers of weapons but the government has brought defense under Make in India initiative. This will allow the defense technology to grow and stop Indian money going abroad.
  • BJP government has also brought many welfare schemes for the poor like life insurance, accident insurance, etc.
  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, started by our PM is a big hit among the people.
  • The mass performance of Yoga at Rajpath was a record. UN declared June 21 as International Yoga day.

Jan Dan Yojna, Rural electrification, Clean energy, LPG subsidy reforms were some of the welfare schemes that were announced and are doing well till date. Sri Narendra Modi has just started bringing changes in the country and at the end of his tenure; millions of people will get benefits of various policies and reforms of his government.