Soda PDF 8- A LULU Software Discovery

Soda PDF 8 by LULU Software

Soda PDF is one of their amazing inventions that is helping the users in their work for so many years. A few years ago, LULU software declared that they are launching the latest version of Soda PDF, which is, Soda PDF 8. The features that they have added to this new version are both innovative and easy to use. In this way, it helps the user save his time and avoid the headache of being stuck while doing something important. In short, it is providing a productive solution for work to the end-users.

New Features of Soda PDF 8

1.Fastest Speed

Just like every previous version of Soda PDF, the new Soda PDF 8 version has this distinct feature of fast working rate. It is estimated that it works 50 percent faster than its older versions. Also, when compared with other PDF software, Soda PDF stands out in its efficiency.

This change is incorporated into the new version after carefully addressing the problems of people that they usually face while using another PDF software. LULU software decided to make improvements in its Soda PDF regarding its loading speed.


Soda PDF is a user-friendly PDF software. There are many professionals as well as students who like to use it because it is simple and secure. Also, certain features in it help them do their work easily and comfortably.

For instance, the feature of opening up multiple PDF documents at the same time is something that no other PDF software is offering. When users come to Soda PDF, they find it amazing and very attractive as they feel relief from the fatigue of switching between different PDF document windows.

3.Integrated Work Flow

Soda PDF is known for its ability to manage the digital documents with great efficiency. Therefore, the users usually expect while purchasing that it will help them manage their workflow quite easily. Soda PDF ever fail to reach the expectation level of its users and offer the best management of documents through its amazing and innovative features.

4.Side-by-Side View

The Soda PDF users always wanted the LULU software to add a feature to it, which is Side-by-Side view. The users can now have their two different documents opened up on the same screen of their laptop. In this way, they can work on both of them at the same time. This consumes less of their time and removes the fatigue of separately working on two documents that actually need collaborative work.

Keeping these points in mind, whenever you plan to buy a PDF software for yourself, always visit and learn about it thoroughly. It will help you make the final decision on what to buy very quickly.