The rise of Yogi Adityanath puts an end to the 100 year old battle in UP


Called by the likes of ‘Baba‘, ‘Mahantji’ and ‘Chhotey Maharaj’, he prefers Yogi in front of his name. Recently appointed as the CM of UP, Yogi is making many people think twice who were skeptical about his appointment on such a high position.

Sudden and Unusual Elevation

It is said that change is for good but Yogi’s rise to the power has brought clarity in much speculated Hindutva raj. These types of sudden changes in our life allow us to admire the world with clarity. Change can be good, or bad, but after these events we wonder why we didn’t observe them earlier. Most of us were bewildered after hearing the name of the new Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh but as events unfolded, things started becoming clear. After this, events were assumed as inevitable, as they were bound to happen.

A new way of liberalization

During 19th and early 20th century, the fight for independence was not between east and west, but between new ideologies and old existences. These new ideas crossed US and Europe in the 18th century; it took time for them to come to India. We fought a humungous fight for ‘Azaadi’ but irony, it was, many of our freedom fighters were controlled by Western ideologies. Until Mahatma Gandhi appeared, the clash was between ‘Britishers’ on one hand and Indian ‘Rajas’ on the other. It was Gandhi who converted this fight into a mass movement, but he too wasn’t Indian either. He was called least Indian of all the Indian leaders

Liberalizing the conservatives

This Yogi reminds me of those Indian Conservatives who can lead the fight-back of their society. One of biggest proof of conservatism in India is Hindutva. According to me it isn’t artificial, but natural. It arises out of our inclination to protect the rights of our native-born, against aliens. These new conservatives are more interested in political battles rather than literal. They prefer to play a significant role in after-independence freedom movement. The reason why RSS and other right-wing groups thrive in the modern world isn’t because of religious sentiments, but because of capturing the leftover values of a hardcore Hindu.

Development v/s Clarity

  1. Should a country/state impose values upon society? Should values be decided by few called elites?
  2. Should a country/state be a servant, dedicated to protecting its traditions? Can traditions be judged by other value systems?

The Modi’s rise was expected and accepted. He incorporated the hopes on both sides of the coin. Filling his timetable with tasks of Development and capturing Hinduism, he holds the position of an ideal leader capable of bringing society back to its roots. It was obvious for whole Hindutva movement to fell for him as his surge was the conclusion of their centuries old struggle.

Ideally, these two shores cannot be compared but with the rise of Yogi there is no more ambiguity left in the wave that covers 79% of India’s population.