Things You Didn’t Know Were Available in an On-Demand App

The modern era of apps has changed the way services are being done. The speed and quality of service have improved in many ways. If you need a ride, you can whip out your phone, and a car will be at your door in less than ten minutes. What’s even better is that the vehicle is not a smelly old taxi. However, ride-sharing services are not the only on-demand apps out there. Here we will highlight a few of the facilities you didn’t know were available via on-demand apps.

Photography Services

If you have ever had an event or occasion that you wanted to memorialize with a professional photographer? If you have ever tried to book a photographer on short notice, you will have an experience that is truly frustrating. Now, professional photography services are available through on-demand apps. An app called PhotoSesh is an on-demand app that features local photographers that are available to shoot on-demand.

Tour Guides

Have you ever gone on vacation and needed a travel guide, but were having a hard time finding one; when you finally did secure a travel guide, you got the general tour of the typical tourist traps, rather than the authentic experience of the local community? An app called “Withlocals” is the perfect solution for finding unique tours in 50+ countries around the world.

Massage Therapy

Imagine how good it would be to have a massage therapist come to your home and give you a world-class massage right in the comfort of your own abode. This experience is possible with on-demand apps like Zeel and Soothe. These apps feature certified local massage therapists. If you would like a professional massage therapist to visit your, you merely put a request in for a massage using the app.

Home Improvement

So, you have relatives over for the holidays, and you never got around to laying down the hardwood floor in your living room. Your schedule won’t allow you to do the job with so little time left. So, what do you do in this situation? This situation clearly warrants a hired gun, and with an on-demand handyman app, you can have someone come to take care of the job for you. Apps like Homee, Thumbtack, Task Rabbit, and Home Advisor, you can get all of your home improvement needs to be squared away.

Food Delivery

Just like Uber and Lyft will arrive at your door with a warm car ready to drive you to your desired destination, there are on-demand apps that are as eager to deliver a hot meal from your favorite restaurant. The on-demand delivery app allows food deliveries from establishments that would typically never offer delivery to customers. Apps like GrubHub, Postmates, DoorDash and Uber Easts provide fast meal delivery services.


As you can see, the range of services that are available via on-demand apps is rapidly increasing. Soon we should see many more service providers adopting this business model. On-demand service apps seem to be here to stay.