Gaming set up isn’t something you can slide into else you might wreck your gaming desire. You may want to consider whether you would prefer to get a gaming PC or improvise your computer as a gaming PC. You may also want to decide whether it’s preferable to upgrade your own computer to suit your desired gaming setup. In any choice you have to make, the more you know about the inner workings of a computer, the better it is to make gaming setup decisions. So, is set to hint you on the components relating to gaming setups like the CPU, Random Access Memory (RAM), Motherboard and Hard drive. That is, knowing what you already have and need to avoid spending unnecessarily on upgrading.

You need a CPU         

A CPU is called a central processing unit and it is germane in gaming setup. Its function is to process information from applications. It collects information from a program and interprets it before execution. For gaming task and the desire of high performance, the processor of CPU should either be a quad-core or hexa-core processor with a minimum speed of any of 2.0 GHz, of course, 3.0 GHz and 4.0 GHz.

You need a Motherboard

The motherboard is an important gaming component when considering setting up a game. It houses the plugins of the CPU, the insertion of memory, and video card(s) good numbers graphics cards. It is important to verify that your motherboard support SLI or CrossFireX (NVIDIA and AMD terms for multi-graphics card configurations).

You need a Memory

It is a hardware that is commonly referred to as Random Access Memory or RAM. This memory makes provision of space for data to easily be accessed by the CPU. It is important because it determines the slowness or fastness of game activities in your computer. This can affect your gaming mood. When your game functions fast and normal, it excites you. But when it slows abnormally, it frustrates. Your PC needs more RAM for the gaming purpose, so 6 GB to 8GB is highly recommendable. Also, take note of the game requirement as regards its demand for a certain amount of RAM.

You need a Graphics Card

The graphics card is a vital gaming component that you can get with 50$ or thereabouts. This component is in charge of the quality of the outlook of your game. It makes your game more attractive and alluring. Due to the abundant availability of graphics cards in the market today of the different price range, but for playing games on your PC lookout for a graphics card that has at least any of GDDR3 DDR5 or GDDR6 video RAM and which supports DirectX 11.

You need a Hard Drive

This is the storehouse of files in your PC. It is advisable that you PC have the average of 250GB hard drive space. This is because the video game you desire to download could be 50GB capacity and you may want to have more than one video game or download movies on your PC. More to the size of the hard drive is to consider the type of hard drive needed for a game. The most recommendable is the solid-state hard drive (SSD) which is faster, boot well and transfer file speedily even though are expensive. It is better than the traditional hard drive that spins round in regard to speedy performance. RPM is another component to consider in the hard drive is the HDD which stands for rotations per minute. The faster the RPMs, the better and the commonest is 7200 RPM drives.