Top 12 Ways to Improve Sound Quality on Android

Nearly everybody holds an Android gadget today.

Everybody loves to hear melodies from their Android mobiles. Presently Android mobiles have low solid speakers which makes it hard to hear in broad daylight places. Expanding the sound of an Android gadget is a standout amongst the most well-known pursuits in Google.

These are the various apps and methods through which you could help you improve sound quality in your Android SmartPhones.

Ways to Increase Audio on Android

#1.Volume Up

  • This is Volume up, you can likewise discover this application in the Play Store as “Volume Up”. Actually, we are discussing an extremely straightforward application that measures somewhat less than 2.5 MB. The interface can be somewhat irritating a direct result of the wide assortment of ads, yet the usefulness is ideal.


  • Another application is Viper4android. It simply needs a rooted android smartphone¬†to run. Simply open this application and give every authorization permission when asked. The application will introduce sound libraries and drivers into your android portable and will help the speaker volume up in a matter of seconds.


  • You can likewise expand the sound of your android by putting it in the paper glass. You could utilize paper mug like espresso mug which will take every necessary step for you. It works with android as well as works with iphones.

#4.Music Volume EQ

  • Music Volume EQ is the best android application for altering volume speakers in versatile. You could expand the sound of your android versatile from bass boot and visualizer impacts choices. You can get 5 band equalizer in this music sponsor android applications. It will truly help you in expanding your sound in a portable way.

#5.N7 Player

  • Sometimes you have to change just your music player for expanding the volume of your android portable. Download N7 Music Player for boosting your android versatile volume. N7 is a standout amongst the most downloaded music application for android that gives you best involvement of music in a portable way.

#6.Dolby Atmos APK

  • Dolby Atmos is an android application that will help you to build the total volume of the gadget. It will support amplifiers headset and headphone’s volume in the event that you have connected it to your gadget. This application will enable you to do as such with a solitary tap of the catch in the application.


  • Volume+ is another android application that will deal with most gadgets and will help you to expand the volume more than the greatest point of confinement of your android phone. It will likewise change volume of the headset and amplifier of notifications and ringtones.

#8.Noise Cancellation

  • Most of the android smartphones nowadays are outfitted with a setting of Noise Cancelation amid calls. It will crosses out your experience commotion. And it will give you a superior affair to the beneficiary. However, on certain phones, it can likewise shut or counteract sounds originating from the opposite end.

#9.Volume Droid

  • Samsung had additionally presented an element in their android refresh on specific gadgets i.e., an alternative to help call volume amid the call. In the event that it is accessible on your cell phone, it will be shown on your samsung cell phone. Simply tap on that catch and it will empower a volume support mode for you.

#10.Custom ROM Method

  • Another work around for android mobiles is to introduce another custom part for their gadget and after that introduce custom ROM in their portable. You can likewise peruse through the XDA discussions to discover the most recent and most stable portion for your android gadget which will push you to build your call volume to a degree.

Additionally introducing custom ROM will help you at commonly. Despite the fact that remember this that this alternative is for more techno savvy individuals. And in the event that you don’t comprehend the importance of the word custom ROM or establishing then this strategy isn’t for you.

#11.External Amplifier

  • If everything falls flat regardless you need an expansion of volume, you could purchase an enhancer. For example, a Boostaroo that fittings into your sound jack. This is perfect for android speakers.


These were the top 11 ways to improve the audio on an android smartphone. I hope you have enjoyed these methods of increase the audio on android. If you found this post to be helpful then share it on social sites with your friends and family.