Top 20 Social Networking Sites In 2018

No matter if searching for the former school friend, any relative, your favorite teacher but not able to find them? Don’t worry Social networking sites are the easiest way to get connected to each and every one, now if you can’t propose your crush eye to eye then you can confess your feeling to her through social networking sites, these sites provide you a platform to alter your words to the whole world. Through social networking sites, folks can build business connections, make new friends or just spread their personal base by linking and interacting with friends of friends. Social media helps you in any aspect of life, for instance, it keeps you in Touch with Family, helps you to boost up your business. Peoples who are not aware of social networking sites and don’t know where to find them then we have a good news for them here are Top 20 social networking websites which are highly popular among everyone and strongly recommended by peoples from all over the universe.


Facebook is one of the largest social networking site and the widely used platform. It can be accessed through the different web browser or mobile application. It provides many useful facilities to its users and delivers them the platform to share your ideas and lifestyle, show your unforgettable memories to the world.

It is been noticed that many small and big business use Facebook to promote their product or brand they can easily market their product through different paid advertisement packages or just through communication.


YouTube is one of the largest video-based social networking and the most popular search engine run by Google. It has the largest number of visitors from all over the world that uses YouTube to explore their ideas and to share latest songs tutorials, view them and also they can comment to express what they think about the videos.

This social networking site is easily accessible through any part of the universe; you can also make a YouTube channel for your business where you can upload a short video which features your product.


Twitter is the second most popular social networking after Facebook. Celebrities prefer to use Twitter instead of Facebook. Here you can follow different personality and popular brands to stay up to date.

The website enables you to post a short text message known as tweet consists if some limited characters acceptable up to 140 to convey your note to the world. It is used by many business organizations to expand and market their corporate


LinkedIn is the first most popular website which helps you enter into your career. This professional social networking has apps available in 24 languages. You can explore your business here or you can find an ideal job with this superb platform.


Pinterest is the new social media website but the most famous place contains boards where business can pin their content and product pictures. Pinterest is made to share pictures, create as many boards

Google Plus+

It is the best tool for the entire business person to expand their business. This website is owned by Google. It allows you to get in touch with peoples sharing photos, videos, and some useful links. Here are many useful features provided for your assistance. The Vote button is placed instead of like button.



WhatsApp is a common messaging app which is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application that can be used on various platforms, including Android, iPhone and Windows Mac, and smartphones.

The application works on the Internet and provides their users and platform through which they can send images, texts, documents, audio and video messages to other users that have the app installed on their devices.


This app includes all useful articles in just one application; this mobile application includes messaging and calling feature similar to WhatsApp. It allows you to share images and voice notes to your buddies.


Tumblr is the biggest microblogging platform owned by Yahoo. This website allows you to follow different product and things you love. The service provides users to post multimedia and other content like short blogs.


Meetup is a social networking site which provides its users a platform where they can meet different peoples of the same interest and live nearby you. Meetup also allows their users to join groups classified according to their interest.


Viber is a calling and messaging application provides its users a platform to share their latest videos and voice notes to their contacts. The best feature of this outstanding application is that it offers the facility to call non-Viber users also through a feature named Viber Out.


Line is a social media networking which enables you the facility of messaging, share photos, videos, text messages, and audio messages or files. It also allows you to make voice and video calls at any time of the day.

Meet me

MeetMe is a social platform designed to assist its users who want to find new friends and wanted to talk with them, they can now use this application to communicate with all their classmates This application is highly popular among young students and teens.


Quora is a biggest social media networking site which offers its users to ask different questions related to their own interest.


There are many apps for professionals and business-oriented persons but Classmates is an application formed especially for students. This website allows students to find, connect and keep in touch with classmates and colleagues from high school and college.


Reddit is a content rating website where you can discuss some common interest topics. The voting on content regulates whether the content moves up or down.


Snap chat is a mobile application popular among teen. Snapchat is a mobile messaging application provides a platform to share videos, photos, text, and drawings.

Snapchat is loved many peoples around the world for its unbeatable camera effects and lenses which allow users to have fun by changing their voices in videos. You can also upload snap chat stories; it will expire after 24 hours.


Skype was the first application which was introduced for video calling; this social networking is owned by Microsoft.

This mind-blowing application is also used for group meetings and conferences, this is a simple way allows you to call free to your friends and family. The latest feature of Skype allows you to delete your text send wrongly.



Instagram is the social networking site similar to Pinterest. This trend visual website is owned by Mark zerk the owner of Facebook; Peoples use it to post information about fashion, food, art and related subjects.

You can share your memories publicly or privately. Instagram allows its visitors to use some image filters also into their option the latest option which is loved by many people is boomerang which makes unexpected fun.

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