Top 4 Most Expensive Homes in Emirates Hills

Do you love to have an apartment in Emirates Hills and you don’t know how to go about that? Here is concise information for you with the option to choose from any of the top 5 most expensive homes in Emirates Hills depending on your budget.

Emirates Hills is located in Dubai and well known for the redefined prestigious gated community with the world-class development of structures along with supreme master plan thereby offering you the best properties to acquire.

One of the essential things you ought to look out for before purchasing any housing property is the landscape. However, Emirates hills are notable for its extensive plot sizes and fantastic architectural design, alluring views, landscapes of two premium golf clubs: the emirate golf club and the address Montgomery.

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Essential things you need to know about Emirates hills property

  • The benchmark for luxury living in this area is very high
  • It is regarded as homes for the rich
  • You can only find mansion-like homes there

Now, let’s consider some of the top expensive homes in emirates hills you can opt for

Incredibly Well-Designed Family Home in Emirates Hills (AED 98,000,000)

 The Incredibly Well-Designed Family Home is a seven bedroom villa in sector E, and it covers an interior area of 27,000 sq. Ft. The home has a stunning modern design with a grand entrance reception area. It has spacious basement and living room which makes it ideal to host a small gala. It had two custom kitchens well-constructed and furnished with professional appliances.

The living areas lead to the office/study room; it has additional five bedrooms on the first floor with the master suite which features its sitting room and a private balcony. For those who love recreation and a place for relaxation, the home features a fantastic gym with hardwood flooring and mirrored walls, sauna, and a luxurious spa.

The terrace is a perfect place to relax with the pool which has stone flooring that is temperature controlled to ensure the pool is comfortable even in the summer months. It is a perfect property to acquire for those seeking high-quality homes in Dubai.

Spacious Family Home in Emirates Hills (AED 50,000,000)

 The Spacious Family Home is a prestigious family villa situated in the famous V Sector of Emirates Hills. The home has a front lawn, great interior design, alluring ground floor which features two living room, dining room, family room and a chandelier in which all is excellently connected by sliding wooden doors.

It has an office room situated on the ground floor with crystal clear pool and spacious backyard. The wonderful housing property features a basketball court, master suite, patio, games/media rooms, bar, lounge, and discotheque which can be used for events. The home has a landscape of Golf academy and clubhouse at the Montgomery which is a short distance to the apartment. It’s a perfect place for people looking for an expensive permanent residence in Dubai

Superb Six-Bed Villa in Emirates Hills with Lake Views (Price on Application)

The property is a six bedroom villa in Sector W of Emirates Hills. It is situated in the northern area of the Emirates Hills and just a few distances away from the fairways of the Address Montgomery’s championship course. It is spanned in an area of 12,000 sq ft with attractive infinity pool and spacious living/dining room that connected to a well-structured garden. It has a master bedroom with balcony, one bedroom on the ground floor level, private office and study room.

The home is fully furnished with quality furniture and kitchen appliances imported from Italy and Portugal. The flooring is filled with beautiful earth-toned marble flooring, and the overall design is complemented with warm lighting.

Exquisitely Designed Family Villa In Emirates Hills (AED 38,000,000)

The Exquisitely designed family villa is the latest development on the emirates hills. It is a six bedroom villa on an expansive 23,173 sq ft, designed and structured for a living. On the first floor of the home are four en-suite bedrooms, with a master suite, a smaller one with all offering you gorgeous view over the golf course and marina skyline. It has on the ground floor, en-suite guest bedroom, family room, lounge area and three car garage capacities. It is a perfect choice for those who wish to enjoy the best of Dubai weather with their family.

In conclusion, for those looking for a beautiful home that is encapsulated with expensive design and luxury, the perfect place to be is the emirates hills, and any of the houses above is an excellent deal for anyone.