Top 5 Factors of Ecommerce Website Development – Sell Effortlessly

An eCommerce website always comes with a boatload of expectations of sales and revenue. The only positive result of an eCommerce website is sales. And you need to have a great website to let your online store continue doing amazing business and match up to your expectations. In order to see your eCommerce site do wonder, there are multiple factors that need to be highlighted and taken care of such as user experience, website performance, and SEO to name a few. Here, in this article, we will portray the aspects you need to implement while building your eCommerce website. So, let’s take a tour .

Top 5 Factors of E-commerce Website Design and Development

Below are the things you have to consider while building an online store for your business. You need to read cautiously and understand all the points and consult a proficient web design company like Intlum regarding the points. Make sure you are hiring a trustworthy website development company who has their reputation in the market just like the company we have mentioned above. So, without further ado, let’s get into the points. You can also make the payment through drivewiththeeagle

Responsive Design

If you run an eCommerce website, it’s quite certain that myriads of people are going to access your website through their mobile devices. They may want to shop anytime and the most convenient device they have for shopping is their mobiles. Mobiles can be used at any point in time and that’s why accessing the internet, visiting sites, and shopping products have been hugely executed through mobiles and tablets.

If your eCommerce site is not responsive, you are not going to grab the thousands of online clients looking for your products. No matter how awesome your products are, if your website fails to provide them a satisfactory performance on their mobile devices, they will surely leave without a second thought. So, you need to fix the problems with the horizontal scrolling, resolution, content and navigational alignment which appear on a non-responsive site.

Contact Details

Contact details of the users are something that are too vital for an eCommerce site. If you have the contact details of the users, you can utilize the details to send them regular updates about your website and offers on your products. Various eCommerce sites ask the users to register their profile before making any purchase. This comes handy when you extract their information and send them regular updates about your products, newsletters, and offers.

This contact details always become a great way to convert and sell since you have all the details about their address, way of shopping, preference, and previously purchased goods. You can send them product purchase alerts which you think will induce them to buy a new product from your site.

Easy to Search Website

When you are running an eCommerce website, a search function is mandatory to keep on your website. Since the site is filled with different products that would be purchased by people with different tastes, you have to provide them a search box where they can search the specific product they need without any hassle or much browsing. It greatly enhances the user experience of your website.

If the users don’t find any search option on your website after landing on it, they will certainly leave your site as they don’t have much time to offer. So, you have to be prepared to provide them with the best user experience which can be cherished.


Security is one of the most essential elements and aspects of an eCommerce website. If you don’t make the right use of security on your site, it’s going to fall down faster than you can ever imagine. If you are running an eCommerce site, obviously you have to deal with the users crucial and private information such as payment details and others. The hackers can take advantage of the information if you don’t secure the site. You can avail SSL Certificate to ensure the security of your site. On the other hand, your website must be PCI standard.

Proper Product Showcase Along with Good Description

You always need to remember one thing: the sole purpose of your eCommerce website is selling products. So, it becomes your responsibility to highlight the products of your website. For providing the right spotlight to your products, you may include high-quality, alluring photographs, a stunning title and description of the product which would attract the visitors’ eyeballs. By incorporating large and clear images, you will be showing your products’ viability.

For enhanced usability, you can pick a layout that highlights your product in every page of your website. Never make the website users feel very hard to find your products such as Shoes or accessories. If they find it a little bit hard to find out the products or they don’t get clear indication of the products, most of the visitors will certainly leave your site and switch to your competitor’s site.

On top of all, the misinformation about products is worse! A misinformation will irritate and frustrate the users and they will start hating your products and the whole site. They may provide negative reviews on your site or elsewhere. Wrong size, color or offers on products will eventually lead your website to a sheer devastation. Always remember that a good word of mouth is always a great way to expand. So, describe your products in a simple and comprehensible manner which will attract the viewers and as well as give them a fair idea of your products before they make a purchase. Authenticity is always the key to success in the world of eCommerce.


The above are the most crucial aspects of an eCommerce website. If you want to open your online store and want it to be successful, maintaining these factors are essential and fundamental. Make sure you are not compromising with any of these factors. If you need help, you can contact a web design company (we have already mentioned one good company above) for expert advice.