Top 5 things to do in Ahmedabad

Have you ever been on a vacation that was without shopping for the local items? The quick answer to this question is obviously yes. Ahmedabad is one such place, a trip to which cannot be complete without the shopping spree. From the local shopping streets in the city to high profile and luxurious malls, Ahmedabad is everything a shopping enthusiast would love. But this isn’t the only thing Ahmedabad is famous for. When in Ahmedabad, you need to prepare yourself for an array of activities that includes everything from exploration of the local history to admiring some vintage cars.

So, when in Ahmedabad, prepare yourself for the best vacation ever and make sure you cover all these places and activities during the trip.

1-Relax in the water parks

When in Ahmedabad, you are sure to feel the heat while exploring the tourist sites in the city. So after you are done visiting the famous sites, make sure you plan a trip to the renowned water parks in Ahmedabad which include names such as Balvatika, Vastrapur Adventure Park, Swapna Srushti Water Park, Shanku’s Water Park, Jaldhara Water World, Mini Kankaria, etc.

2-Shop for authentic Gujarati items

When it comes to shopping in Ahmedabad, the choices are plenty. This is especially true for the Gujarati traditional items which include dresses, jewelries, shoes, etc. Ahmedabad has something for everyone with shopping destinations that provide various items that range from electronics to colorful fabrics. Local and renowned markets in Ahmedabad let you shop for some of the most affordable options for quality items. The famous markets in this city are Lal Darwaja, Teen Darwaja Market, Rani No Hajiro, Dhalgarwad Market, Fernandes Bridge, etc.

3-Look for peace at Sabarmati Ashram

The Sabarmati Ashram is a peaceful and lush green place located close to the western periphery of Sabarmati River. This ashram served as the headquarters of Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi between the years 1917-1930. This was during the struggle for independence of India. It has been said that the freedom fighter chose this ground as his ashram given the fact that it is located between a cemetery and jail. According to Gandhiji, any satyagrahi will surely end up in either of the two. The living quarters of the freedom fighter have been well preserved alongside a museum which provides information about his teachings and life.

4-Watch movies at Sunset Drive In Cinema

Ahmedabad is unique on its own given the fact that it houses the largest open-air cinema in Asia that is big enough to accommodate about 665 cars. While you watch the movie from the comfort of the car, you can get some snacks or munchies from the restaurant nearby that offers delicious items at affordable price tags.

5-Beautiful Evening at Victoria Garden

Victoria Garden is located at the southern periphery of Bhadra Fort which attracts people from different corners of the city looking for peace and tranquility amidst the noisy streets of the city life. The garden’s exotic backdrop along with beautifully maintained greenery surely makes up as a captivating scenario.