Top 5 Things You Must Try in Hawaii

Aloha! Don’t you think this is hint enough about the place we are going to discuss today? Yep. It is the one and only Hawaii Islands.  Technically famous for being a volcanic archipelago situated on the central coast of the Pacific, the Hawaii Islands has been one of the most favourite holiday destinations for tourists and travellers around the world. Hawaii mainly consists of a group of islands, 6 of which are popular as tourist destinations. Apart from that Hawaii also consists of a number of atolls and islets which are perfect for day trips, though covering everything would be too much of an ask for a singular trip. The main 6 islands are each famous for its different vibe and groove and the diverse things (both visibly and culturally) it has to offer to all the tourists who visit Hawaii.

Rest assured, you can be sorted when it comes to vacation accommodation in Hawaii. The islands are practically infested with A-list resorts, plush and luxurious hotels, illustrious eco-lodges and beach houses. Hawaii rentals are also available at an affordable price if you are looking for a homely and comfortable stay. The Hawaiian cuisine is also delicious and when you are here you must make sure you immerse yourself completely in the sin of the cocktails available here. Apart from that, there are lists of things you must do when you are in Hawaii since you have got everything there from breathtaking beaches to amazing surfing opportunities and traditional luaus.  Let’s find out what you cannot absolutely miss.

1.Take a Trip to Hana

The road to Hana along the Northern Shore is adorned with lush green forests, absolutely gorgeous waterfalls, and the picturesque and daunting blue ocean who is clearly the protagonist of the story. The other protagonist of Hawaii is probably the multicoloured sand beaches. From pristine white to murky green, one can take a sunbath here in various shades of the sand under the sun in Hana. It is the most popular city up in East Maui and the day trip here along with the drive is one of the most rejuvenating experiences you can ever gift yourself.

2.Be a Part of Shark Tales

One of the most exhilarating experiences of your life can be swimming with a shark in the One Ocean diving in Oahu. Yes, you heard that right! The One Ocean diving offers tourists a chance to snorkel up, close and personal with the sharks, (who are undoubtedly the queen predators of the ocean) so that you can observe them from a close proximity. If you are interested in the marine life and habits of sharks, you can get a chance to explore it here and get a chance to connect with them and study their behaviour. There are several safety precautions to ensure that you have a safe experience and though there are not many rules or criteria which can stop you from indulging in this activity of a lifetime, you must be 4 feet tall to participate in the program. The whole tour lasts for about 2 hours, with the underwater experience being for about 30-45 minutes.

3.Helicopter Hullabaloo in Kauai

With the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Canyon, Mount Waialeale, and Jurassic Falls on full display without any obstruction from unique and exhilarating doors off helicopter tides of the gorgeous Kauai is something you cannot afford to miss when you are in the Hawaii Islands. What makes the deal all the more special is the fact that you cannot access Kauai by any other transporting means and even if you can it is a complicated and heavy journey. The total time, on the other hand, of the trip by helicopter in about one hour to one and a half hours and the picturesque place will make it one of the most scenic places you would ever visit.

4.Let the love for Lava flow in the Big Islands

If you are a fan of adventurous hikes, this Sunrise Lava Tour is surely going to be thrilling for you. The hike is about 4-5 miles long and the centre point of it is the molten lava that one can easily spot in the vicinity of the National Volcanoes Park. You are guided through the trails by a professional because of safety reasons and while you are in here you might actually realise why the Hawaii Islands are a volcanic archipelago.

5.Indulge in Extensive Water Sports

If you are into water sports, then the Hawaii islands are the ultimate place for you to become a water baby. From snorkelling to surfing, from diving to Scuba Diving, almost every popular beach offers you a chance of indulging in racy and adrenaline pumping water sports like no other place in the world.  And If you are going for your first try at water sports, we suggest that you don’t miss the perfectly diminutive waves of Waikiki. It is a perfect first attempt spot for surfing newbies and there is a lot of professional help available in and around the beaches, as well as surfing schools where they give in-depth training on surfing. We are sure you should give it a try.

Apart from this, there is another extensive list of things which you can definitely do in Hawaii, but it might stretch your trip budget a bit too far. But don’t worry, whenever you visit Hawaii, it is always a bit difficult to stay away from this scintillatingly scenic location.