Top Best 8 Music Websites for Music Lovers.


Music cleanses the soul. Everyone enjoys some kind of music or a related activity. Whether we enjoy passive listening, humming along, singing, playing an instrument, or dancing, music is always there. Even when there is no music, we sometimes seem to recognize a rhythm or musical sounds because the human brain, and thus its sensory extensions, such as the eyes and ears, are trained to recognize patterns.

The Web is full of even more creative, fun, and useful music websites. There are numerous ways to engage with music apart from just listening to it.

Here you will get to know about free music website to find songs you like, discover new music, and gain a deeper understanding of music.

1) MTV Music Meter:


The MTV Music Meter ranks over a million artists and allows you discover what is hot in the music scene right now. The ranking is based on how many times they are mentioned on social networks, blog post, news articles, and streams. Just click on the little pull-down button to get the artist information.

2) AccuRadio:


AccuRadio is among the top choices for the music lovers. It’s USP is that it contains a diverse range of artists and songs. So whether it’s old disco songs or the new song everything will be laid out to you. Though the interface is a tad clunky, it makes that up by providing unlimited free skips on the songs. Since it’s an online radio, you might miss the create playlist part a bit.

3) Gaana:


For the Bollywood fans, you can listen to free and unlimited Hindi songs on Gaana. It is one of the leading music streaming services in India currently and provides a wealth of choices for the music lover in you. It not only gives service to listen to Hindi songs but also international and regional music. the ‘Play Similar Song’ is one helluva feature if you don’t want to manually line-up the songs, but yet want the service to play songs to your liking. The advantage of Gaana is it allows you to add a song to queue without signing in.

4) Google Play Music:

Google Play Music

Google Play Music has made quite a name for itself in the recent years. Although it’s popular as a subscription based service, one can easily listen to several free songs without the need to subscribe. All you need to have is a Google ID. Depending on the setup that you do, the choices are excessive. There is also an option of starting a radio. However, when it comes to skipping a song, you can skip only 6 songs per hour. But on the bright side, you can seek to any position of the song that you like best.

5) Beat Lab:

Beat Lab

Beat Lab is an awesome free beat maker. You can tap on the grid and mix a new cool tune in just a few minutes. You can upload personal tracks and sounds or choose from a massive collection on site. Adjust speed from slow to fast, regulate volume and change genres to create unique melodies. Beat Lab has an active community where you can look for inspiration, ask for advice, and get feedback on your music.

6) This Is My Jam:


“This is My Jam” is a Community where everyone can share their ultimate song for today. The one that you’ve listened to countless times on repeat, that means something for you and helps you get things done faster. Users can create curated playlists based on the jams shared by other people, upload their own, like others, re-jam tunes, and follow users with similar musical tastes. This is my Jam is a fantastic place to discover truly great tunes curated by similarly minded people.

7) Song kick:


Song kick is a mobile service as well as a website providing tickets & personalized calendars for live events. Just connect your Song Kick id to Spotify, or Facebook and you will be kept up-to-date about your preferred artists playing nearby.

You will also be exhibited with the ticket prices for the same. The tickets will be from various merchants for you to quickly find the most affordable one. This way you are ensured of never missing out on any live gigs. It is simple, powerful and something that you would surely need.

8) Magnatune:

Magna Tune

Magnatune is the perfect place to discover hard to find and unclear songs. All the songs are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. Like most of the sites, here you can skip the songs, however, seek a particular position is a tad problematic. Users can also sign-up for the membership and download the songs for free.

That’s a Wrap:

So these were few sites through which you can listen to free and unlimited songs. If your favorite website for music is left to include. Please do comment and let us know.