Using Call Marketing Intelligence to Make Smarter Business Decisions

We are currently living in the data world where almost all the business decisions are being taken with the help of data itself. These can be through the trend or look at the historical data.

But getting the insight moreover useful insight from your raw data is not that easy and it becomes even hard when you don’t have structured data. Especially, the problem comes when you are dealing with the unstructured data like voice.

If you are a company who works on customer service or support or kind of call center or someone who is representing from business perspective, you must be knowing how difficult it becomes to get the useful insight from those calls.

To manage all those calls, you need some call intelligence platform which will help your manage the inbound calls and get you some sort of insights from it.

You will be delighted to know that there are some call intelligence platforms are available in the market led by the company Ringba. These companies don’t only help you record the calls but also get you the best from the incoming calls.

What is call marketing intelligence?

Call marketing intelligence is the next level of marketing research and is basically the management of call data in the digital consumer field. It is getting created with the collection to analysis, to build a meaningful outlook on the consumer, in order to drive the marketing solutions and decisions.

Market research is not new, but a lot has been changed over the period of time. During 90’s, it was limited to in-person and the sets of questionnaires but in 2018, it is way beyond what anyone would have thought.

Today, marketers and businesses have many tools related to data management, recording, capturing, and analytics are available which makes the call marketing intelligence even better, useful, and profitable by taking the business decisions.

Features a call marketing intelligence software should have

Here are some of the useful features a good call marketing intelligence software should have. Based on these features, you can decide whether you should go ahead with that tool or not.

  • Call recording- Although this is quite a basic, it is a vital feature. High quality call recordings of customer conversations vie you the ability to see monitor how agents are handling calls and help resolve disputes.
  • Call Transcription- This is a common issue while having a conversation with clients that you forget the things discussed. But with call transcription, this will no longer an issue as anytime you can visit and see what was discussed. This feature helps the most when you deal with international clients.
  • Call Analytics– Later once your call is getting completed, all the insights need to be taken from it. For this most of the call tracking software including Ringba offers excellent analytics and reporting platform.


These were all about how you can use call analytics software to drive the business decisions. Make sure to have any call tracking and analytics software if you are having the calls and audios in any form to drive the business in a more beneficial way.