Utopia P2P Ecosystem: Opportunity Of A Protected Lifetime!

In the 21st century, Internet security is one of the main conditions for a quiet and successful life. After all, none of us wants his data to be in the public domain. Besides, not only personal correspondence can be in the global Internet space, but also important confidential documents and files that reflect the specifics of workflows and secret technologies of various developments.

Therefore, it is essential to use only a proven and secure service that will ensure not only the protection of private conversations, but also the anonymous use of the browser, and the security of money transfers.

If all of the above is important to you – use Utopia P2P Ecosystem and stay safe in any circumstance!

Utopia P2P Ecosystem – New Technological Approach!

Utopia is a closed system built on the principle of uNS technology. It is a kind of space in which everything you need has been created: messenger, browser, e-wallet, games and e-mail. The user does not need to leave the ecosystem to find the necessary information.

Utopia does not use a single server to store user data. Thanks to a peer-to-peer architecture, every user is a peer. Now he is both a client and a user who independently stores his data on his server. Therefore, the risk that the correspondence will be in the public domain is minimal.

All data is securely encrypted and stored using the latest encryption techniques. They are based on the use of the Elliptic Curve25519 and 256-bit AES, which are responsible for the safety and storage of all information. Access to this data opens the user’s personal key. It is generated during registration. In addition, it is the nickname of the user, since the registration process in the ecosystem is entirely anonymous.

This degree of protection gives users access to the functionality of the ecosystem:

  • uMessenger. It is an instant messenger that has all the features of a common messenger. However, its main difference is that it securely encrypts every sent and received a message.
  • uMail. File sharing, which provides confidential transfer of secret files and documents. Therefore, all working correspondence will remain only with the sender and recipient.
  • Idyll Browser. It is an anonymous browser that has all the necessary sites for users. However, with tunnel data technology, they can add and create new ones that will be available for use by all clients of the ecosystem.

  • uWallet. An electronic wallet that securely stores the finances of each user. As the central payment unit, it uses cryptocurrency – cryptons, with which you can pay for any purchase and much more.
  • Mining bot. A program that allows you to earn cryptons through the implementation of Internet sessions through Utopia. For every 15-minute session, the user receives points, which can then be used in the implementation of financial transactions.

Utopia P2P ecosystem is available on all operating systems. Also, the developers announced the release of a mobile version of the ecosystem. Thanks to this, the system can be used from any electronic device!

Appreciate all the benefits of using a unique and technological ecosystem that will change your usual approach to Internet security!