Wearable Technology That Can Help Improve Your Mental Health

You probably are already aware of the countless wearable devices on the market that are designed to benefit people with physical disabilities. What you may not be aware of, however, is that there are also a wide range of devices out there that can help people who are struggling with mental health problems.

These devices are designed to do everything from helping people deal with anxiety to promoting relaxation. If you are interested in improving your mental well-being, it is worth learning more about how these technological tools can help. Below are five of the most promising tools currently available:

 1. ELF Emmit

 The ELF Emmit device is a special tool that is beneficial for both the body and the mind. The goal of this tool is to help you stay more focused while at the same time promoting better sleep and more effective learning. It is also a useful tool for meditating. In order to accomplish all of this, it combines today’s most advanced technology with healing principles from the past.

 The device itself, which is worn on the back of your head, acts like a digitally powered metronome. Using the app, you can dictate the overall mental state that you are trying to achieve. Based on your selection, the device operates at different rhythms, encouraging specific brainwave activity that can affect your mood. For instance, before bed, you can set the device to calm your mind to promote better sleep. During the day, it can be used to promote relaxation or to allow you to reach a deeper level of meditation.

 Wearing the device isn’t much different than wearing headphones. The way that it operates, however, is. It relies on pulsed electromagnetic therapy (PEMT), an FDA approved treatment method.

 2. Reveal

 This device is designed to help people with autism. When worn, it provides helpful information about the person’s anxiety levels, giving you a much better understanding of their feelings and behaviors. Using this tool, you can gather valuable information that can be used to help minimize the likelihood of future meltdowns.

 The device contains a series of sensors that use a cutting-edge algorithm to track physiological changes that could indicate something is amiss. It tracks a variety of different physical metrics for the person wearing it, including the temperature of their body, the amount of sweat that they are producing, and their heart rate. When the app senses changes in these metrics that could indicate a problem, it sends a notification to your phone.

 Children with autism often have a difficult time letting people know that something is wrong. They may not be able to communicate effectively or they may not realize that things are about to go awry. Using the app is a good way to get a heads up about a potential problem before it turns into a major meltdown.

 3. Prana

Maintaining good posture and breathing properly are both actions that can benefit your body and enhance your mood. Prana is a special wearable device that is designed to train you to use better posture and better breathing in your everyday life.

To accomplish this, you attach a small clip to your outfit. This clip keeps track of your posture as well as your breathing. It then sends this information to an app that you install on your smartphone. Throughout the day, it scores your posture and breathing. It also provides information and training tips that are designed to help you do better with both.

 It turns the process of correcting your posture and breathing more effectively into a game, helping you train your body in a way that is easy and effective.

4. Feel

 Emotional changes can sometimes be difficult to understand. While there are some situations where it is easy to tell how you are feeling, there are other situations where it may be a little bit more confusing. The Feel device aims to give you a better understanding of your emotions by keeping track of how you are feeling each day. Using the app, you can get personal coaching to help you gain a better understanding of your feelings and more control over your emotions.

 The device is designed to detect when you are feeling stressed out, satisfied, happy, angry, or sad. It does this through the use of specialized sensors that are installed on a wristband that you wear on your wrist. Different moods create different physiological reactions in the body. For instance, your mood can affect the temperature of your skin or your pulse.

 By tracking your emotions based on the measurements that it takes throughout the day, this device can help you learn to better control your emotions. This, in turn, can help you lead a happier, more fulfilling life according to this specialist.

 5. LeafUrban

 This unique device is designed to look like a fashionable necklace or bracelet. However, it has a hidden secret – it also tracks your physical activity as well as your emotions.

 Like any other fitness tracker, it monitors your steps and keeps track of your sleeping habits. More than that, however, it also has the ability to identify or predict stressful situations. Based on the information it gathers, it makes suggestions on how you can relax and refocus, including exercises such as meditation.

 On a daily basis, it provides you with a look at your overall lifestyle, helping you spot trends that could be increasing your stress levels. As an added bonus, it also offers women the ability to track their monthly cycles, making it an excellent all-around solution for your health and mental well-being.