What is SRO 202? How it violates new Minimum Wage Rules

government of Jammu and Kashmir and SRO 202

The recent uproar against SRO 202 policy in Jammu and Kashmir make us wonder, what is it about. What is SRO 202 and how it effects people? It is actually government policy which was established in the year 2015 by the government of Jammu and Kashmir. It was signed by the Governor (N N Vohra) of Jammu and Kashmir under the powers conferred by the proviso to section 124 of the Constitution of Jammu and Kashmir.

There is not much information available and there is twitter trend about it which is #RevokeSRO202. We are just going to explain what is SRO 202 is about.

What is SRO 202?

The SRO 202, as it mentioned in the constitution is referred to an employment clause which allows any youth of Kashmir to get appointed in a job which will give them minimal salary till 5 years of time and then they will test the appointee with written test organized by the government. Here is the detail.

Definitions and terms

To understand the SRO 202, we need to understand the terms and words first, so when you read further, you would have a clear definition of what it about.

  • An appointee is a person who has been appointed to the job under SRO 202 rule
  • Government mean, the government of Jammu and Kashmir
  • Post means for which appointee is selected for the post department in the government
  • Service selection board, a board which was established under rules from 2010 under Jammu and Kashmir decentralization and recruitment act.
  • Selection committee means the committee which was established to select the candidate under the rule of 5 of this rule.
  • Selection agency means the public service commission in which the appointee will be selected for the post

Rules for the application

This rule shall apply to all non-gazetted post borne on the establishment of any department or service 111 of the Government and such gazetted post, as may be notified by the Government from time to time. Which mean to say that all the eligible youth will be notified by the announcement from the government of Jammu and Kashmir when there is a vacancy for the post under the rule of SRO 202.

An appointment under rule SRO 202

  • The appointment for the post was selected by the chairman or the member of service selection board which was nominated by certain chairperson on that time.
  • The district head of the department from which the post will be appointed for the appointee will be selected for the selection
  • Deputy Secretary of the department or the above from the post of the government agency which will be selecting.
  • All of this in the selection committee will be select candidate by the rule which was established by Jammu and Kashmir reservation act 2004


Eligibility for the post under rule SRO 202 will be notified at the time of the recruitment process begin.

Mode of selection

The candidate will be selected from the application committee receive on the base of district, division or the state cadre post. Candidate will be selected in a fair and transparent manner under rules and regulation. They will select the candidate as per need and not exceed the appointment more than the requirement.

The selection committee will also prepare the waiting list of 20% of the selected candidate and appointment will be strictly under 15 day of time period.


A person appointed under these rules shall be initially on probation for a period of five years and after completion of five years his/her service shall be declared as permanent subject to passing of such tests, or successfully undergoing such training as provided under the Jammu and Kashmir Civil Services (Classification, Control, and 8 Appeal) Rules, 1956 or as prescribed under the relevant recruitment rules governing the post/service to which he/she has been appointed.

Other conditions of service like age, qualification, discipline, conduct and other allied matters, a person appointed under these rules shall be governed by the recruitment rules of the service to which the post occupied by him/her belongs, besides other rules, regulations and orders in vogue in the State Civil Services in general.

Fixation of pay

During the period of first five years, the appointee shall be entitled to the minimum of scale of pay along with the grade pay applicable to the post against which he is appointed. The fixed pay is around 7000rs to 8000rs per month.

Increment and allowance

Every appointee shall after completion of five years period of probation is entitled to fixation of pay in the time scale of pay applicable to the post against which he/she is appointed. The persons appointed under these rules shall be entitled to annual increments, Dearness Allowance, House Rent Allowance and City Compensation Allowance after successful completion of their five years’ service on consolidated salary.

This is the full process of recruitment and terms and condition of the Rule SRO 202. If you have any question, do let us know in the comments.