Fixing The WIFI – Connection Issues For Android Users

wifi connected no internet

Smartphones have come with multiple solutions for the daily needs of the people. While they have helped to solve many problems, there are some issues that have been reported for them. Wifi connected but no internet is a common question that comes up for many Android issues.

There are some technical points that might not be known by the users and some settings that create such problems but that are not common to everyone. When everyone keeps complaining about Wifi connected with no internet, one needs to talk about all relative points. 

The common reasons:

When the users have been looking forward to the hacks to get over the issue of phones connected to wifi but no internet, they forget to look for the reasons behind it. These reasons are common and might differ from one situation to others:

  • There have been a lot of complaints when the Android devices are not connecting to public Wifi, and when they do, the connection keeps on fluctuating and resisting the flow of use.

The simple reason is that some devices have this issue that they do not connect to the internet. 

  • The WIFI connection can also be disturbed by old microwaves. 
  • The other routers might also be the issue behind the unwanted disturbance in the network.
  • Increased gap between the router and the device with multiple walls might also be the reason that the device might get a little connection but that might not be enough for the proper working of the internet in your device.

Easy ways to solve WIFI connection issues:

Like there have been hacks for everything, the following are the ways to solve the connection issues. These work for most of the devices and most of the issues are solved by at least one of them, so if the user does not get the results from one way, they should try the next way. There have been no guaranteed solutions but these have been answers to most of the questions related to Connected but no internet:

1 . Check whether the mobile data is turned off or not

While the users keep complaining about the internet, they do not realize the fact that when they turn on the WIFI, they forget to turn off the mobile data. When the WIFI connection is strong or and the speed is maintained, the mobile might switch over to that but until then it will continue to stick to mobile data if it is on.

Sometimes, even when the WIFI is working right but the mobile still sticks to its data because of the continuous use and thus even when the mobile data is over, the mobile might not switch to WIFI. Thus, one must make sure that the mobile data is turned off before the WIFI connection is questioned in case of any devices.

  1. Disable and Enable Wifi on your Android device if the issue still exists

Wifi but no internet might be due to any reason but doing this will actually help your device get a strong connection with WIFI and later the internet can be used. The process which has been mentioned below forces your Android to flush the DNS and then the mobile does the necessary work and checks the other file and the remaining configurations making the connection even strong when the WIFI is enabled again.

  • Dialing *#*#4636#*#* will trigger the hidden wifi settings and now you have to follow the following steps to make sure that WIFI connections work finely in your device. 
  •  Navigating through WIFI information AND then chose WIFI API.
  • This will lead you to a screen which has the disabling option.
  • Choose “disableNetwork” and this will lead to shutting down the WIFI and bring down all the connections of the device and the WIFI.
  • Later by clicking on “enableNetwork”, you can further connect to WIFI and then work with it. This is another way to solve the issue when the WIFI is connected but the person cannot access internet services.

2. Going Through Time and Date

No user might have realized that the time and date settings can affect the working of the WIFI connections. But you can follow the steps given below in case you are still facing the WIFI internet issues:

  • Go to settings and check for the date and time section.
  • Most users have an automated time zone, disable the automatic time and date system.
  • Set date, set time and change the zone manually and then reboot your device and then reconnect the WFI.
  • There are chances that the WIFI might start working now.

3. Forget the WIFI and then again add it.

This might not be the permanent solution but one might get immediate results from the same. If you look into the method, if the issue is not permanent, this method can work for you. If the problem is permanent, you might have to keep repeating this action to get the WIFI internet.

  • Simply go to the WIFI setting.
  • Forget the WIFI which has been connected to your Android Device.
  • Now again tap on the name, insert password and connect to the network.
  • While you might be assigned a new address and thus solves the issue of no internet even when the WIFI is connected.

4. Check the Router

Users might have never gone through the Router manual but in case the WIFI internet does not work, one might have to check the details of the router. For the same, one will have to go to the admin page to check if the Router is creating an issue. Some manufacturers also provide proper login details to their admin page and portals which must be mentioned in the manual book.

5. Changing DNS

Most methods are uncertain when the devices are concerned because these methods are common ways and not all the devices might work according to them. Changing DNS by going through settings and modifying the advanced settings of the WIFI, by changing the static name and saving it might help the user.

6. Rebooting Router might help.

When you have tried everything on your Android device and the problem persists, there are chances that the router needs to be a reboot. As you already checked everything at the device level, you might need to do something to your router as well to make sure that the Android device gets the internet through WIFI.

One can reboot the router through the buttons and that is the easiest way to reboot the router. Though one can also use the admin page to reboot wifi but that depends on your service provider page which differs from one another.


Android users have faced a lot many problems and among the top is Connected no internet android, when the wifi seems connected but does not work. There are times when the user might do some random steps to get the connection back but that might not always work. The above-mentioned reasons hold a say as they have been listed by the experts. Also, the ways to overcome the issue of Connected to wifi but no internet are tried and there are least chances that the user still holds a problem once they have run through every solution. If there is something wrong with the device which is connected to the WIFI, then the person might need to get it checked.