5 House Cleaning Tips for House Work Haters

Cleaning is tedious and boring and not many people love to do it. It is also time-consuming when we live in an era when the time is a precious commodity. That is why a lot of people are constantly on the lookout for hacks to streamline cleaning into a quicker, more efficient and easier task. Here are five hacks for cleaning when it’s not your favorite thing to do!

When Food Doubles as Cleaning Products

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It gets messy sometimes when reheating or cooking food in microwaves especially if you forget to cover your dish. However, in lieu of scrubbing all the debris out and inevitably missing some pieces in those hard to reach corners, you can fill a microwave-proof bowl with water.

Add some lemon wedges or lemon halves and place it in the microwave. Switch it on and let it run until the water is boiling.

Unplug the microwave but let the bowl sit in it for a minute or two. Take the bowl out and run a cleaning cloth along the sides, bottom and roof. It will strip the dirt right off with one swipe and leave the microwave smelling good as new.

Lemons are also very effective in removing water stains from stainless steel. In addition to making your kitchen smell citrusy and fresh, scrubbing a lemon on the stainless steel surface, be it sink or whatever, gets rid of the water stain very effectively.

Another cleaning hack to have your home smelling homey and inviting is to put a cup of vanilla in the oven and baking for an hour. The smell will permeate the entire house and have it smelling delicious.

Coca-cola has been known to make the toilet sparkle. Just pour some along the toilet bowl and flush.

Stain Removal

When you have guests over, they might forget to use a coaster and leave a ring on your table. Worse, family members might also do so regularly. Then you’re left with the daunting prospect of putting your back into removing that dreaded ring stain.

If you act fast, then all you actually need to do is use an absorbent towel to wipe off the moisture then use a hair dryer to remove the ring.

When you see a stain on your carpet, your heart might sink but never fear. One part vinegar and two parts water are all you need to spray on it. Cover it with a lightly damp cloth and then press a hot iron on it for a minute. The stain will be gone like it never was.

The blender is another challenging tool to clean especially when filled with splatters of food. However, all you need to do is fill it halfway with hot water, add your detergent and then cover it with the lid. Let the whole thing blend for a few minutes and then pour it out. Rinse out excess soap and you’re done.

Clever Shortcuts

Fold your clothes in a vertical rather than horizontal stack to make it easier to get to the outfit you want with minimum creasing which means less ironing. Cover the shelves of your fridge with cling film or plastic wrap.

In case of spillage, all you have to do is replace the cling film rather than cleaning the fridge. If you have a limited number of cleaning sponges, just disinfect and microwave for two minutes to keep them clean.

Set Cleaning to Auto

There are a lot of cleaning tools and companies out there that make it easier for you to save the time and energy of cleaning for other things. Learn about them all from robot vacuum cleaners to floor washers. If you own a cat; make sure you know about self-cleaning cat boxes. They rake waste from cats into cartridges and all you have to do is swap them out every week.

There are also automatic shower cleaners which clean your shower with the touch of a button and toilet bowl cleaners to scrub the toilet after you flush. It’s a lot to take in, and you can take the thinking out of it by bringing in an expert such as house cleaners Dublin. Then all you have to do is go about your business and let them do all the cleaning for you.

Reward Yourself

When you complete a task that you hate it is only logical that you reward yourself. So if cleaning is an unpleasant task, do reward yourself for doing it in a way that satisfies you. This could be with a glass of wine or a soak in a bubble bath.

You could also reward yourself for daily housekeeping by giving yourself a once in a month day off, and letting someone else, like cleaners Dublin, clean your house for you. Knowing that there is a light at the end of the long tunnel of house cleaning may be all the motivation you need to keep going.