5 Inexpensive Exercise Equipments for Better Fitness

Are you confused to go either a gym or home for a workout? And it is very tough to decide.

Going to the gym every day doing exercises might be difficult & highly expensive for you.

You can overcome this issue having an indoor gym to your home.

Today, I’m going to reveal some inexpensive and space saving exercise equipment that are very effective, easy to use for regular exercising. You can easily find them from the local market.

These equipments are also good to cardio fitness and it occupies the less amount space. Handle, foldable, easy to store, and maintenance is very easy. Working with these equipments is better than going to work out in the gym.

1.      Doorway pulls up bar:

If you don’t have more space to purchase the machine for your work out here is the alternative equipment that is doorway pull up bar.

This is one which can easily install on top of the door and do the dips with it. Some models will have different positions in the grip, and the maximum capacity of this equipment is up to 300 pounds.

2.      Exercise Ball:

This is the very cheap and excellent fitness equipment which can also use in the rooms or anywhere. Handling with this ball is difficult to get a perfect balance. This is the way to engage to the more muscles particularly core muscles.

You can also do the push-ups using this ball, keep your legs on the ball and place your hands on the floor than you can do the push-ups.

And another exercise for a healthy spine, keep your spine on the ball place your legs on the floor and fold your hands then maintain that posture up to 5mins with intervals.

3.      Suspension Trainer:

Are you are interested in getting fit? This is the equipment which is very compact and it can be installed to the door, and it will give you more possibilities to get fit to your body in your home.

4.      The Wheel Ab:

This is also very cheap and simple to handle. This is one of the simple equipment for abs which requires only a little work out space. While rolling the wheel towards front and back not only it gives the strength also it strengthens the shoulders and chest.

5.      Resistance Bands:

A resistance band is more versatility, and efficiency while working with it. Advantages of using this band’s muscles will work not only to pull them but also you can release to the back position. These are the excellent tool which can add the extra resistance to the cardio workouts. These bands will be sold in a bundle with various levels of resistance, and the cost is very less.

6.      Dumbbells:

This is equipment which has both cardio and strength training. While using this set, your muscle group will train. You can also crouch for legs, presses the shoulders and chest. Also, it will lead to an extension the triceps. Some of the dumbbells are which can have adjustable dumbbells called to change the resistance levels to removing the plates to decrease and add the plates to increase the resistance.

These are the top compact equipment to get workout in the home with low cost and low impact. Easy to maintain and store. Visit Fitness Vampire for more information about exercise bikes, equipments and fitness tips.