6 Ways to Show Your Teacher You Appreciate Them

Have you ever reached the end of semester and thought about telling your teacher that you appreciate them? But you’re not sure what is an appropriate way of doing it and what isn’t? Teachers work hard and they are real everyday superheroes. It’s important that they know that. So, this guide looks at some acceptable ways that parents and students can show their teaching staff how much they are valued. 

Why Should We Thank Our Teachers?

Teachers do one of the more difficult jobs around. They educate five days over seven, and in their downtime, they prep for more lessons, mark assignments, and sort their classrooms.

They deal with a range of behaviors, cater to a range of skillsets and abilities, and genuinely care about the kids they teach. A good teacher can change your life, and a bad one can make you miserable. They are the people our kids see every day that they’re in school, who impart the essential knowledge and life skills needed to move forward in their careers, and more.

And, sadly, they are underpaid and undervalued by society generally therefore it’s down to parents and it’s down to students to show them that they are appreciated for what they do. 

Here are six ways that you could try to say thank you to the special teacher in your life. 

Tell Them with a Card

A card, or a written note, may seem like the most simplest method of saying thank you. Sometimes, the simple things are the best things of all as they hold the most sentimental value.

A card or a letter can hold emotional truth and words mean more to people than gifts upon occasion. You can create a class card, or an individual one. It could even be a little note that simply says ‘thank you’. The size or the design don’t matter; what does matter is the act of putting it together. 

Involve Your Parents

Parents this is where you come in. Kids are great and they are a force to be reckoned with for sure, but they don’t always know where to start when it comes to organizing a gift. That’s where adults can step in and take charge a little.

Aside from gift organization, parents can also make sure that they volunteer when the teacher needs it if they are able to. For example, parent readers, parent trip chaperones, and parent involvement in school events like bake sales and fairs. You can also make sure that you show up to all of your appointments, like parent teacher conference slots, and get to know your children’s educators.

Make sure your kid does their homework and studies for their tests and teach them the importance and value of good old fashioned manners. 

Do Your Work 

Back to you students now, one of the easiest ways to show your teacher that they are valued in the classroom is by doing your work. This is work in class, but it is also homework and any other assignment that crosses your path.

When you don’t do your work, it sets off a chain of events that can quickly spiral out of control for the teacher. They organize and plan lessons to fit in with a wider agenda across the semester and falling behind can really mess with the way things are supposed to work.

So, try as hard as you can to always do your work and your teacher won’t have to nag or feel frustrated. 

Be Respectful

Manners cost nothing, fact. When you walk into your classroom, say good morning. When your teacher gives you something, say thank you! These may seem like really obvious things, but they are often overlooked by the majority of students. You’d be surprised how many teachers end the day without hearing a single ‘please’ or ‘thank you’.

Something as simple as this can really change the tone of a lesson and make the learning leader feel as though they are also a valued member of the classroom. Regulating emotions is challenging, and a teacher often falls victim to a child’s bad mood owing to the sheer amount of time that they spend together.

You can also be respectful by bringing the right equipment into class – a pen is a basic requirement yet so many students forget it day in day out. You may not realize, but those ‘spares’ that the teacher gives you – they’re out of their own pocket! 

Look After Your Classroom

Another obvious one, but you may not realize the amount of time your teacher puts into making your classroom look nice. Sure, there are janitor staff and cleaning staff to keep the school hygienic, but it is your teacher that puts their heart and soul into their classroom, especially in the younger years.

It is where all the school equipment stays, where all the learning happens, and it’s a hub for socialization, learning and fun. So, you can do your bit by making sure you do basic tidying of your desk area. Take your rubbish with you, for example. 

Buy a Class Gift

Last but not least, consider buying a class gift. This is a collaborative endeavor and requires a certain level of organization so feel free to get the parents involved.

Many teachers never have the spare cash – given their low salaries – to splash out and really spoil themselves. But working all together, it can be easy enough to raise a decent amount of money to buy them something that will leave them speechless. Lenovo for example has a range picked out specifically for this purpose. The right laptop can really make a teacher’s life so much easier, so it is the perfect gift and really attainable when done as a unit. 

Of course, this list is not exclusive; there are plenty of other ways and little things that you can do to show your teacher just how much you really appreciate them. The trick is in the actual doing!