Simple Ways To Engage Your Instagram Audience & Followers

Finding the best way to engage your audience on Instagram is never easy. You can certainly try to be creative, but you need to know what works and what does not. The changes to Instagram algorithm call for serious changes to your marketing strategies. Experts have identified a number of ways to help you be more effective and engaging that will help your brand.

Post High-Quality Content

Quality content is the most crucial element of an effective post. Without quality content, you can`t trigger your audience into liking and following you – you will be only left to buy real Instagram likes to make an impact. Quality content is essential either you are promoting a big brand or small-scale business.

Here we can take the example of Nike. It’s a well-established brand with a powerful network of customers and followers. It has more than 75 million Instagram followers.

To maintain the interest of their audience, they are not only working on their products but also focus on their marketing strategy. Their tagline “inspiring the world athletes” really goes well with their brand motto.

Along with relating their logo and tagline in accordance with their brand theme, they also focus on creative and quality content. Their Instagram posts focus on the inspiring stories of world-renowned athletes and highlight the struggles they face in their journey to motivate other athletes especially the younger lot.

You can also create a poll to find out what your followers like to read. This will help you in effectively communicate with your audience.

Schedule Your Post

In order to engage your followers on your account, you should schedule your posts wisely. You should not only take into consideration the content your targeted audience wants to read but also look into their availability.

You can utilize Instagram Insights and Instagram’s algorithm to find out when most of your followers are active and schedule your post accordingly. For instance, if 70% of your targeted audience is available late night then this is the best time for you to post and follow their comments and engage with them.

You must post relevant content when there is some special occasion or festival around. You might be posting on different timings to cater to all your readers.

Encourage Posts Generated by the Followers

Another effective way of engaging your followers is to encourage them to generate their posts. For instance, you can ask them to post their selfies or childhood photos with a particular hashtag. This will not only increase the engagement of your followers but also let you identify your regular followers by face. You will be able to attract your target audience with this practice and it will free you from the hassle of generating content for a day or two.

Using Suitable Hashtags

Hashtags play a vital role in giving your audience a precise idea of the whole post. It will also help people find your post when they are looking for that specific niche. Hashtags should be creatively crafted making it unique and attractive and at the same time easily understandable and readily accessible.

Your campaign hashtags should justify the main objectives and central idea of the campaign be it launching of a new product or upgrading business strategies.

Tell Your Story

Telling your own success story behind your brand name will create a personalized engagement among you and your followers. People will love to know you as a person more than just as a business entity.

You should be careful of the emotions and social affiliations of your audience while writing your story for a strong emotion might make up or ruin your following. Your story is not necessary to be associated with your brand theme. It must be your personal life story and not a business proposal. Your story should be an inspiring one that boosts motivation among your followers and increase your respect and love in their hearts.

Use Good Instagram Captions

Using cool Instagram captions is an overlooked aspect of increasing your engagement on Instagram. Sure, it’s not as important as the quality of your post but it still can play a huge role in getting more likes and views. So you’re best to be funny or witty when thinking of captions or quotes for your Instagram post. If you can’t think of anything good, don’t be afraid to take the time to search for an interesting quote or caption online either. There are plenty of website with cool ideas you can use, like this one.

The fact of the matter is that you can find a number of ways to be more engaging on Instagram, but you have to spend some time testing different options to find what really works for you and your brand.